A Binge-Worthy New Blog

Hi, everyone!

I hope your holidays haven’t been too stressful! With all of the traffic and long lines in stores, sometimes it’s easy to forget that holidays are supposed to be fun and about family and loved ones! So take a deep breath, make yourself a cocoa and enjoy this last week before Christmas or Hanukkah!

One of the reasons I got into blogging was because reading other people’s blogs has always been a great escape for me, when my life gets stressful, or I’m just looking for something to keep me entertained I turn to others blogs. Reading the words that these people choose to share with the world make you feel like you know them on a personal level! You become friends with them just as I became friends with all of you!

I am mentioning my deep appreciation for bloggers today because I want to share with you a new blog I have recently been loving! It’s called “Jess Said That”, As you all know I love to share about strong women who are sharing their voice! “Jess Said That” is written by my cousins Jess, she is a middle school teacher and just became a first-time mom! Jess shares her perspective on motherhood, pregnancy, and life in general! Her posts are filled with truth, babies, humor, and 100% real life! She is an amazing writer and has so much to share with all of you! I wholeheartedly recommend you all go give “Jess Said That” a read and a subscribe!




There’s A Little Turkey In All Of Us

Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday, I know Mondays are typically nothing to be excited but I still hope you all had a great day!

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in America and you we can officially let the Holiday season begin! Just like most of the world, The holidays are always my favorite time of the year. The magic is everywhere people literally sing in the streets!

The best part about this time of the year is that you get to spend it with family and friends and the people who mean the most to you!

To me, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because you get to express your love and thankfulness for each other! Its a time to reflect on the year and think about who and what you are thankful for. It’s not all about Turkey even though who could resist that much food!

Usually, I would post something like this on the actual holiday but for me, it was one of those Mondays I needed a little bit of optimism and thoughtfulness! Since this post is early I hope you all take the next few days to think about who and what you are thankful for!

For example:

I am thankful for every single one of my followers and readers, not only do I feel your love and support on a daily basis but you have become such good friends! Regardless of if we have ever met or ever will meet you all have become a huge part of my life! I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!





Dress sizes can’t define, don’t let the world decide what’s beautiful

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank you all for the overwhelming amount of E-mails I received after my last post! They were all filled with kindness and love; I really have missed you all!!

Today I am writing to you all because of one email I got in particular! I received a very emotional and heartfelt letter from a high school sophomore.

She told me that she has always been struggling with her weight but has always considered herself to be beautiful! Until high school when people began to pick on her because of her size. She goes on to tell me that these girls have not only been embarrassing her but also have started to change how she sees herself and views her own body.

While reading this Email, I was almost in tears; no one should feel this way about themselves, and when these feelings are caused by the cruelty and ignorance of others, it is just so sad and it breaks my heart!

Now I can say that you shouldn’t listen to the cruel words of others, and only you can define how you feel about yourself, but in reality, this is almost impossible to do! Our peers play such a big part in our everyday life that it is so hard to ignore their opinions.

The best advice I can give someone in this position is to be strong, understand that you are beautiful and understand that there is a cruelty in this world that is not fair. Be the bigger person and don’t forget to put yourself first! Love yourself, know your worth and beauty, and truly love yourselves!


Love you all,




Aaron’s Challenge!

Hello all you beautiful people,

Today I had I received a very inspiring comment on one of my posts! A reader by the used name of Aaron Quini Wrote into me saying that they want everyone who reads this to tell someone they are beautiful tomorrow!

“So do me a favor; tomorrow, give someone a compliment. tell them that they’re a beautiful person. Just something nice, please. It doesn’t have to be bae or bestie or boo, just anyone. Even that one kid you said hi to on the first day of school and then never talked to since. Please…. Like for real. It’d mean the world to them. Thanks.”

I think Aaron’s suggestion is inspiring, brave, and brilliant! I highly encourage everyone to do this! Not only will you make the day of someone but you also may make a new friend! If you decide to partake (which again I hope You all will) please let us know how it went your experiences could inspire others to do the same!


I Love Being Crazy

Happy Tuesday everyone,

So if you live anywhere on Earth today I am sure you have heard the stereotype that woman are just crazy. Well, you know what for once I am not going to fight this accusation I am going to own it.

All throughout history woman have been accused of doing crazy things by men by other woman and y society as a whole. But in the end that crazy thing we did may end up saving life or changing the world. Honestly let’s all be crazy and let’s look at the facts!

Rosa Parks:

Crazy for: Sitting in a seat

Hero for: Creating one of the greatest civil rights protests of all time for sitting in that seat. American Hero I think so!


Dr Elizabeth Blackwell

Crazy for: wanting to do a man’s job

Hero for: Becoming the first female Dr. and saving and healing countless number of people


Mary Wollstonecraft

Crazy for: Her nonsense writing

Hero for: Being the “mother of feminism” writing her paper on how woman are not inferior to men because of our biology or anatomy but because woman need to be more educated Stating a movement for women’s education and gender equality


Marie Curie

Crazy for: Thinking she was smarter than a man

Hero for: Her work as a chemist and physicist going on to win not 1 but 2 Nobel Prize


Jane Goodall

Crazy for: The crazy gorilla lady

Hero For: Her amazing work in primatology and anthropology as well as an amazing animal activist and conservationist.


So basically the point I am trying to make is if these women are crazy I will gladly say that I am crazy too. These women make me proud to be a woman. And for all you girls out there never let someone tell you your crazy or your idea is crazy you may just be the next big hero!

Advertisements aren’t just annoying!

Ads are one of those things that annoy all of us yet we can’t avoid them! Your TV, billboards, magazines, even this website all have ads! But what if these ads aren’t just annoying they’re harmful?

Today I was browsing around the internet and found ads that horrified me. They were extremely sexist and derogatory! It made me thing about the message it sends woman everywhere. It’s horrible! we should be pushing positive messages to all the woman in the world! We should be empowering woman we need to stick together.

The things that shocked me the most was the amount of rude and offensive ads aimed at teen girls! It seems like companies are trying to tear down these girls till they feel like they need these products! This is just plain mean, I never understood why others would want to hurt people but the idea that people are intentionally ripping people’s confidence apart for their own gain is disturbing and cowardly!

If you have to rip people apart to sell your product then you need a better product!!!

Bellow I am posting some ads I find particularly offensive!




Personally these companies are dead to me if you need to rip apart woman to sell your products then you will never get a dime from me! All woman are beautiful and smart all we should have to worry about is making our selfs happy in our own skin. We should not give in to the average woman stereotype because we are so much more than this!!

Hey Guys

I wanted to write to all of you today about family. 

My Uncle has recently passed away and losing people you love really makes you think about how important family is. We hug them when we see them and end our calls with a “love yah” but these things have become such a natural and common thing it makes me wonder how we should really show our love for our family. 

I am one of the guiltiest people when it comes to getting tied up in my own life and I am not the best at balancing my schedule. So I thought from know on I will not let life pass me by whether it be my own or a loved ones. I will visit, call, write, or what ever else I can do to let them know I love them. 

So go hug your family right now tell them you love them and just how much they mean to you!


I love you all

Michelle xoxo