Owlet Sock and Camera Review

Hello Everyone,

Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to do a review of the owlet system, as you all know I am a worrier and being a new mom is probably the biggest reason to worry. I have to say the only reason I have been able to sleep at all the last month was due to the Owlet system!

The Owlet system consists of a camera monitor to see your baby while they are in the crib and the second piece is a sock that the baby wears while they sleep that monitors the heart rate and oxygen levels.

It has given me so much reassurance that she is safe while I sleep! If either the heart rate or oxygen drops while I am sleeping a high pitched alarm will go off warning me something is wrong and I need to check on her. For any new worried mom, I couldn’t recommend this product more.

I do warn you it is expensive! The sock alone costs $299 and the camera costs another $149. But to me, it’s worth spending the money knowing she is safe.

I like the app that is associated with these tools! It shows both the camera and heart and oxygen stats on the same screen!

The sock comes in many different colors and designs on the owlet website! Emma has both a pink and a green sock.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the owlet! This is an honest review I was not given the owlet or paid by owlet to review this product.




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