There’s A Little Turkey In All Of Us

Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday, I know Mondays are typically nothing to be excited but I still hope you all had a great day!

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in America and you we can officially let the Holiday season begin! Just like most of the world, The holidays are always my favorite time of the year. The magic is everywhere people literally sing in the streets!

The best part about this time of the year is that you get to spend it with family and friends and the people who mean the most to you!

To me, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because you get to express your love and thankfulness for each other! Its a time to reflect on the year and think about who and what you are thankful for. It’s not all about Turkey even though who could resist that much food!

Usually, I would post something like this on the actual holiday but for me, it was one of those Mondays I needed a little bit of optimism and thoughtfulness! Since this post is early I hope you all take the next few days to think about who and what you are thankful for!

For example:

I am thankful for every single one of my followers and readers, not only do I feel your love and support on a daily basis but you have become such good friends! Regardless of if we have ever met or ever will meet you all have become a huge part of my life! I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!






Bubble Backpack

Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday! As you, all know when I find something awesome I just have to share it with all of you!

I recently bought Tonks a Bubble Backpack so she could join me on hikes and we can enjoy the outdoors together!

Today was our first hike, and we both had so much fun!

Tonks really liked the backpack she was able to look out the front as well as the two sides. And I felt that she was safe and secure so that I could hike without any worries!

The backpack is made very well; Tonks weighs 8 pounds, and the backpack had no problem holding her in safely!

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors with their furry friend!

Here is the link if you are looking for the perfect carrier for your hiking buddy! #bubblebackpack:

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 2.53.49 PM.png


One year ago today Tyler and I found our little Kitty outside of our apartment complex! She was cold and hungry but so loving and kind!

IMG_0377                                                             First Photo With Tonks

She lived with us two days before we finally decided on her name! She took to us very fast and it was a relief when the vets gave her a clean bill of health!


She won the hearts of our friends and family, and before you knew it the lonely little kitty had the love of so many people!

People may say I am crazy for taking Tonks on walks in a stroller or for driving around with her in her car seat! But she has become like my child, we are there for each other, partners in crime!

So go ahead tell me I am crazy because I probably am! But over the last year Tonks has been with us through: planning a wedding, getting married, graduating college, holidays, and moving twice! That is a lot of bonding!

So here is to the last year, and to many more with my furry friend! We love you Tonks, you will always have a forever home with us!



Tonks Trites 

Hello everyone!

The weekend is finally here! Happy Saturday!

Today I want to tell you all about my cat!

A few months ago me and my husband decided to take in the stray cat that was living around our apartment building!

She had been abandoned at some point and many of the neighbors had brought it upon themselves to start feeding her so she wouldn’t starve.

We live up north where there is lots of snow and frigid cold nights. I started to worry about her being all alone outside in the cold, so one day I went outside with some cat food picked her up and took her in.

We took her to the vets to make sure she was healthy, got her shots, and was not someone’s outdoor cat. It turned out that she had been fixed and was at some point someone’s pet.

She had been left by someone who decided they didn’t want to be bothered with a cat anymore.

Me and Tyler have done everything to make her feel at home and loved! We named her Tonks (from Harry Potter) She loves string and fancy feast. She always comes when you sing and I’m pretty sure Breaking Bad is her favorite show!

We took her in to save her but in return she has given us laughs, love and so much happiness! Tonks has added to much to our little family!

I hope if any of you decide to adopt a pet you look in to rescuing! Some of these animals have had hard lives every living thing deserves love and a good home!

Love you all



Being younique

Hello everyone,

Happy Monday! 

I don’t know about you but I actually enjoy Mondays! I know that to most people Monday is the end of a weekend but to me it’s also a new week to look forward to! Plus the bachelor!

So today I want to talk to you all about staying true to you, being “younique”! 

Like I have talked about a lot a lot of woman find themselves jealous of others. Maybe you want her hair or her body but sometimes it is important to sit back and celebrate being you!

So let’s all make an effort to stay younique! There’s one thing in the world you have that no one else could ever have and that being you! You should be proud of your thoughts, accomplishments, and your beauty!

Inside and out you are all beautiful! Sure you may not look like the model on this month’s Cosmo magazine but honestly after all the retouching and effects she probably doesn’t even look like the girl on that magazine! 

Everyone should be able to look in the mirror and be happy with their reflection. Not just your outer beauty but just who you are as a person! 

You are the only person who can be you so be younique! 

Love you all



Raising my Cat To Be A Strong and Independent woman

Hello Everyone!

I get hundreds of emails form moms asking me questions about their daughters. How to help them and advice on how to raise them to raise them to be strong individuals.

I will always do the best I can to respond to my readers questions and help them out! But the truth is I’ve never raise a child and you all have much more experience then me in that area!

I’ve only raised a cat!

I may have never been a mother to humans, but I have been the daughter to an incredible mother and amazing father. My advice would be to keep talking to them!

Everyone is going to go through the the stage where they think they are smarter than their parents and they don’t need to listen but there are so many things in life you need to learn from your parents and not enough time to learn it!

As a teenager I never wanted to listen to my parents lectures and talks, they used to take me out for breakfast on Saturday mornings to give me talks on life lessons! I know they did this so I couldn’t get up and walk away from them, I was surrounded by people eating eggs.

This used to be the most anoying thing in the world because I thought I was smarter and it was a waste of my time!

Now that I’m out in the real world I realize how much these talks actually taught me!

I find myself repeating the same words that they lectured me on to all of you. And even repeating them to myself when it comes to making these life decisions!

They may not have thought I was listening but I was and it has made all the difference!

So to any parent, my best advice is keep talking! Tell your child you love them and teach them everything you’ve learned!

They are listening!

Good luck!


My mom and dad, aren’t they the cutest!