Raising my Cat To Be A Strong and Independent woman

Hello Everyone!

I get hundreds of emails form moms asking me questions about their daughters. How to help them and advice on how to raise them to raise them to be strong individuals.

I will always do the best I can to respond to my readers questions and help them out! But the truth is I’ve never raise a child and you all have much more experience then me in that area!

I’ve only raised a cat!

I may have never been a mother to humans, but I have been the daughter to an incredible mother and amazing father. My advice would be to keep talking to them!

Everyone is going to go through the the stage where they think they are smarter than their parents and they don’t need to listen but there are so many things in life you need to learn from your parents and not enough time to learn it!

As a teenager I never wanted to listen to my parents lectures and talks, they used to take me out for breakfast on Saturday mornings to give me talks on life lessons! I know they did this so I couldn’t get up and walk away from them, I was surrounded by people eating eggs.

This used to be the most anoying thing in the world because I thought I was smarter and it was a waste of my time!

Now that I’m out in the real world I realize how much these talks actually taught me!

I find myself repeating the same words that they lectured me on to all of you. And even repeating them to myself when it comes to making these life decisions!

They may not have thought I was listening but I was and it has made all the difference!

So to any parent, my best advice is keep talking! Tell your child you love them and teach them everything you’ve learned!

They are listening!

Good luck!


My mom and dad, aren’t they the cutest!

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