There’s A Little Turkey In All Of Us

Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday, I know Mondays are typically nothing to be excited but I still hope you all had a great day!

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in America and you we can officially let the Holiday season begin! Just like most of the world, The holidays are always my favorite time of the year. The magic is everywhere people literally sing in the streets!

The best part about this time of the year is that you get to spend it with family and friends and the people who mean the most to you!

To me, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because you get to express your love and thankfulness for each other! Its a time to reflect on the year and think about who and what you are thankful for. It’s not all about Turkey even though who could resist that much food!

Usually, I would post something like this on the actual holiday but for me, it was one of those Mondays I needed a little bit of optimism and thoughtfulness! Since this post is early I hope you all take the next few days to think about who and what you are thankful for!

For example:

I am thankful for every single one of my followers and readers, not only do I feel your love and support on a daily basis but you have become such good friends! Regardless of if we have ever met or ever will meet you all have become a huge part of my life! I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!






Be Happy Not Hungry!

UnknownHello again Look at this I guess I just have to much to say tonight!

So I wanted to write to all of you girls out there who see them selfs as over weight. Recently at my school I have been helping a freshman who has a history of an eating disorder. She is doing better and recovering nicely thank goodness but the struggle i see her make multiple times a day just to finish her plate of food makes cringe. I She is a happy girl who always smiles and is only kind and caring to everyone she meets but when lunch time comes around she seems to be totally different. Her life becomes a struggle and she fights to do what she needs to survive. Eating lunch is come thing that many people don’t think of as a struggle but if you are one of those people please seek help it important I would hate for anything to happen to any of you! Believe me when I say that starving your self in never worth it there are other and saver ways to do this.

You are all beautiful no matter your size!!


Michelle ❤