Bella’s Illness

image1-1This will be our third Christmas with Bella, every year she gets excited and uses her nose to sniff out all her treats wrapped under the tree. When we rescued two-year-old Bella from the MSPCA she was a little ball of energy. There were signs that she had been abused in her previous home so it took her a few months to feel safe and realize all image1we wanted to do was love her.
We wanted to give Bella the best most loving forever home we possibly could. We wanted her to feel safe and secure, loved, and wanted. Bella went multiple times a week to run with her friends at doggy daycare or as we called it school, she knew the days she wanted to go see her friends because she would bark and follow you around the entire time you were getting ready for work. Bella loves to watch the voice and lay in front of her fake fireplace.capture
We know that Bella didn’t have the easiest life in her previous home. When we adopted her we wanted to give her the best possible life we could give her. She is a sweet and lovingcapture7 Bulldog that wins over the hearts of anyone who has the pleasure of knowing her.

Recently Bella had started whimpering and crying out in pain. It has taken multiple Vets several weeks and many tests before they finally found what is causing Bella’s pain. capture4Through an MRI administered by a Neurologist they have been able to diagnose her with Inflammatory Brain Disease, this is a brain disease which is causing her severe pain; as well as, seizures and vertigo. As her family we want to give her every chance she has to live a full and happy life especially since Bella is only five years old. Vets have recommended a series of chemo treatments, steroids, and pain medicine to keep her comfortable.

capture5This makes me so sad not just because she’s my pup but because  She deserves to be happy and healthy!!!! We are blessed to have her grace our home with her spunk and personality.


There’s A Little Turkey In All Of Us

Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday, I know Mondays are typically nothing to be excited but I still hope you all had a great day!

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in America and you we can officially let the Holiday season begin! Just like most of the world, The holidays are always my favorite time of the year. The magic is everywhere people literally sing in the streets!

The best part about this time of the year is that you get to spend it with family and friends and the people who mean the most to you!

To me, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because you get to express your love and thankfulness for each other! Its a time to reflect on the year and think about who and what you are thankful for. It’s not all about Turkey even though who could resist that much food!

Usually, I would post something like this on the actual holiday but for me, it was one of those Mondays I needed a little bit of optimism and thoughtfulness! Since this post is early I hope you all take the next few days to think about who and what you are thankful for!

For example:

I am thankful for every single one of my followers and readers, not only do I feel your love and support on a daily basis but you have become such good friends! Regardless of if we have ever met or ever will meet you all have become a huge part of my life! I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!





Wild Blue Denim Available at Rue 21

Hi Everyone!

Many of you know I have started working for the university I graduated from a few months back! Along with this amazing job I have been given the opportunity to get a masters degree while working there!

This has been such an amazing opportunity I clearly wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the inner student living inside of me!

Well if I have ever heard of a good reason to go shopping for a new outfit it would be starting a new school year!

I have teamed up with Wild Blue Denim and Rue 21 to tell you about some amazing styles that you can rock this fall/winter!

Wild Blue Denim has so many great pieces out this year no matter what your style is they have something for you! I love the high quality and affordability of their pieces!

You can mix so many of them together to create countless fun and flirty looks! So if you are looking for some new great pieces for the 2016 Fall/Winter season look no further than Wild Blue Denim available at Rue 21!

I guarantee you will find your new favorite pieces that will make you feel beautiful, confident, and all around amazing!


Dress sizes can’t define, don’t let the world decide what’s beautiful

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank you all for the overwhelming amount of E-mails I received after my last post! They were all filled with kindness and love; I really have missed you all!!

Today I am writing to you all because of one email I got in particular! I received a very emotional and heartfelt letter from a high school sophomore.

She told me that she has always been struggling with her weight but has always considered herself to be beautiful! Until high school when people began to pick on her because of her size. She goes on to tell me that these girls have not only been embarrassing her but also have started to change how she sees herself and views her own body.

While reading this Email, I was almost in tears; no one should feel this way about themselves, and when these feelings are caused by the cruelty and ignorance of others, it is just so sad and it breaks my heart!

Now I can say that you shouldn’t listen to the cruel words of others, and only you can define how you feel about yourself, but in reality, this is almost impossible to do! Our peers play such a big part in our everyday life that it is so hard to ignore their opinions.

The best advice I can give someone in this position is to be strong, understand that you are beautiful and understand that there is a cruelty in this world that is not fair. Be the bigger person and don’t forget to put yourself first! Love yourself, know your worth and beauty, and truly love yourselves!


Love you all,




Hello World

Hello Everyone,

I must apologize for my extended absence! I must say I have been a very busy girl, most recently I have started grad school!

I was offered a full assistantship! Allowing me to go to school as well as get a great experience of working as a Teaching Assistant, enabling me to teach classes, and do some real world hands on research!

I just finished my first week, and so far I have no complaints, it is so nice being back to school.

Me and Tyler also through a celebration of our marriage, a second reception! As many of you know our wedding ceremony was planned ver quickly and even though it was fantastic it was very nice to have a bigger party that all our friends and family could attend!

It’s been a crazy and fun summer!

I am hoping to get back to you all more regularly; I am going to make an honest effort! I miss all of my web friends! Let me know if there is anything you want me to touch upon in the next few days!

Talk to you all soon!

Lots of love,



The Next Chapter 

Hello Everyone!

I hope the weekend is treating you all well!

Today I want to talk to you all about graduation! It’s only March but before you know it this years senior classes will be walking across the stage in caps and gowns!
I was lucky enough to be able to finish my bachelor’s degree a semester early. Allowing me to look for my dream job a little before everyone else!
I may be finished with classes but this May I will still be honored to walk across the stage to accept my diploma along with all my friends and classmates!
At my school we had senior day last week we picked up our caps and gowns and our tickets for our family! It seemed very surreal to be thinking of everyone going their separate ways!
Some people will be staying here for grad school, others moving across the country for a job. After spending so much time surrounded by these people it’s insane to think of how many people I will never see again after May.
It makes me think of all the wonderful people I did not get the chance to know, the kids I never had class with and the ones who may have made great friends.
This part of your life goes by so fast and is so short that you truly feel like you may have missed out on part of it.
I owe so much to my university! It is where I met my husband, and some of my best friends. It is the place that I learned and experienced my first look into being an adult! It was where I matured and really had to grow up!
College is an amazing experience and I feel so grateful for all I have learned and all I have experienced!
I wish all the best for all the seniors getting ready to enter the real world! It may be another chapter ending but an even better one is about to begin!
I love you all,


Hello all you beautiful people,

I apologize for the lack of posts over the last month. Between midterms and starting a new job, I was overwhelmed with obligations. But hey, it’s spring break time to get back to what I enjoy like this blog!

So today i  want to talk to you about fun. I’m sure we all have a different idea of fun it could be movies or a sport maybe shopping or even reading. Basically things that we like to do in our spare time. These things can be very important to a person’s sanity. For me, blogging is fun interacting with all of you and feeling like I’m helping a little bit.

Over the last few weeks, I have felt kind of overwhelmed with work school and housework and I know this time of year can be stressful for many people. It’s the time of the year when college students start looking at finals, adults do their taxes and all you high  school  seniors are trying to finalize your college choices. This time of year can be hard.

But at the same time this time of year is great the days start getting longer, the snow melts, the temperatures get warmer, you’re looking forward to summer or graduation or prom. These are the fun things that come along with this time of year. And they are just as important as all those stressful things that seem to way you down.

The best advice I can give to all of you is to slow down and breath every once and a while take some you time put down your work and do something fun. Try to focus on the good things that are coming not just the work. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel make sure you don’t get lost and always remember who you are and what’s really important!

Love you all


Aaron’s Challenge!

Hello all you beautiful people,

Today I had I received a very inspiring comment on one of my posts! A reader by the used name of Aaron Quini Wrote into me saying that they want everyone who reads this to tell someone they are beautiful tomorrow!

“So do me a favor; tomorrow, give someone a compliment. tell them that they’re a beautiful person. Just something nice, please. It doesn’t have to be bae or bestie or boo, just anyone. Even that one kid you said hi to on the first day of school and then never talked to since. Please…. Like for real. It’d mean the world to them. Thanks.”

I think Aaron’s suggestion is inspiring, brave, and brilliant! I highly encourage everyone to do this! Not only will you make the day of someone but you also may make a new friend! If you decide to partake (which again I hope You all will) please let us know how it went your experiences could inspire others to do the same!


Mistakes or Happy Accidents

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to write to you all about making mistakes. Everyone does it and it is unavoidable in life. However maybe these little mistakes are actually what made your life what it is today. When I was little I was always told to make good choices because it only takes one mistake to ruin your life. I realize that this is true for example a mistake like drunk driving can kill you, but I am not talking about these big mistakes I am talking about little ones that you learn from and move on from.

So if we can’t avoid mistakes then how should we handle them We should learn from them. If you date someone and later realize that it was a mistake learn from it maybe you realize the different characteristics that you want and don’t want in a partner. I always try to look on the bright side of things and their is a bright side of mistakes as well. You just need to realize that mistakes happen and that you can learn from them and maybe good things will come out of that mistake.

Today you are who you are because of the choices you made in life. A few of these choices may have been a mistake but with out those mistakes you would not know what you know and you would not be where you are. Remember to smile and look at things with a glass half full because tomorrow is another day.

I love you all




Keep Moving Forward

Hello All my favorite people!!

So I am sure that many of you have seen the disney movie Meet The Robinson’s and if you have then you know the moral and slogan for the movie is keep moving forward. I have watched this movie recently and I thought this would make for a good post.

In my experience looking to the future is more productive then dwelling on the past. Everyone has a past whether that be positive or negative  everyone has one. I cant say that I have a dark or negative past what so ever but I have made plenty of mistakes just like everyone else. As corny and generic as that sounds its important that we learn from these mistakes. This is because if we do not then our life will just be made from the same repetitive mistakes.

But why I am writing today is more about your future. It is a new year time to set new goals and aim just a little bit higher. Its time to finally get dedicated to improving your life. My best advice would be to try new things find a passion. These things can change your life. Say you find out that your an amazing painter this gift could open so many doors for you in your life. You may decide that you want to pursue a career in cartooning or animation. Finding these passions and gifts you have can really change your life and help you find your self.

So remember to always keep moving forward if your past is haunting you then learn from it and move on find a goal or a passion and pour your heart and soul into this. Remember Keep Moving Forward!!!

Thank you all