The Next Chapter 

Hello Everyone!

I hope the weekend is treating you all well!

Today I want to talk to you all about graduation! It’s only March but before you know it this years senior classes will be walking across the stage in caps and gowns!
I was lucky enough to be able to finish my bachelor’s degree a semester early. Allowing me to look for my dream job a little before everyone else!
I may be finished with classes but this May I will still be honored to walk across the stage to accept my diploma along with all my friends and classmates!
At my school we had senior day last week we picked up our caps and gowns and our tickets for our family! It seemed very surreal to be thinking of everyone going their separate ways!
Some people will be staying here for grad school, others moving across the country for a job. After spending so much time surrounded by these people it’s insane to think of how many people I will never see again after May.
It makes me think of all the wonderful people I did not get the chance to know, the kids I never had class with and the ones who may have made great friends.
This part of your life goes by so fast and is so short that you truly feel like you may have missed out on part of it.
I owe so much to my university! It is where I met my husband, and some of my best friends. It is the place that I learned and experienced my first look into being an adult! It was where I matured and really had to grow up!
College is an amazing experience and I feel so grateful for all I have learned and all I have experienced!
I wish all the best for all the seniors getting ready to enter the real world! It may be another chapter ending but an even better one is about to begin!
I love you all,

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