Let Her Be Little

Hello Everyone,

Happy Wednesday! So glad everything is back up and working on the blog today, what a crazy few days!

As many of you saw on my Instagram I talked about my little gardening hobby and how I’m excited that each year Emma will look forward to helping me in the garden and watching what she’s planted grow big and strong.

It makes me think about all the excitement I have watching Emma grow bigger and stronger everyday. Everytime I think about being excited for her next milestone I worry a little about how fast time goes by when you are watching your child grow up!

All I have to do is look back at Emmas first photos and think how much she has grown in only three months! How crazy is it, time can seem so slow but go by so fast!

Emma is over double her weight at birth in only three months, she was so small since she was born prematurely and I am so glad she has grown and is doing so well. But I don’t remember her getting so big.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase let them be little. It means let your child enjoy their childhood let them play, let them imagine, watch them live out all their dreams in your back yard! I bought Emma a sign I saw at Buybuy Baby and it just reminds me of everything I hope Emma will be enjoying in her childhood!

Emma is the most important person in my world. And right now Tyler and I are her most important people, but one day Emma will be married and have children of her own and they will become her world! I hope that in the mean time Emma enjoys everything and learns the important things in life! I am excited to let her be little and to watch her dream!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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