To You, My Friends

Hello Everyone,

Happy Wednesday, I hope you all are enjoying your week!

This weekend my little family is getting our fall photos done! We are so excited!!! Please send me any fall photo ideas that have worked for you!!!!

Today I wanted to just write a quick appreciation post to all of you! As a new mom you go through a lot, people who haven’t yet become moms don’t always know how to help or what to say and people who have been moms for a while may have forgotten how the difficult days can seem endless and the great days seem too short!

Thanks to all of you I feel like I am always surrounded by friends who know exactly what I am going through! My Instagram is filled with DMs from moms sharing their experiences with baby reflux to explosive diarrhea.

I’ve had other diabetic mom’s reach out to me with advice and personal stories, I’ve had other rainbow mom’s share their stories of loss and love. Today I received a DM from a women sharing the fact that she just found out yesterday that she was pregnant again after a miscarriage 6 months ago. She was asking for prayers and positive thoughts, you better believe I am sending her all the love and prayers because I was her at this time last year.

It’s amazing what the internet can do. It’s a scary place, not everyone is kind and loving but when you find your little niche of people you never feel alone! You feel understood and you know there are people out their just like you!

As many of you know my site was recently hacked and unavailable for a little while. I reached out to you all via Instagram story to let you know and the response I received was amazing! It was like you could all see my anxiety and were there to lend a hand in a stressful time! This was one of my worst fears because I have dedicated 6 years of my life to this blog and it has served as a baby book for Emma recently. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without it!

So at the end of my post when I say love you all I mean it! When I say hi everyone I mean it! So thank you for taking this ride with me and thank you for your support and love! You mean the world to me!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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