How To Take The Best Baby Photos

Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday!

I’ve had a lot of you reaching out asking for tips or tutorials on taking pictures of your little ones. Thank you all for the compliments, Emma is definitely my favorite subject to photograph, you could call her my little muse! LMAO

I figured I would walk you through all the specifics of how I take my pictures!

First off my camera is very important! I love everything about my camera, it’s easy to use and take beautiful photos, I would highly recommend it to everyone looking for crisp and detailed photos! Occasionally I am able to use my iPhone but I find that the photos are not as great especially when photographing inside. My camera is Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR.

Once I have Emma positioned and dressed perfectly, typically I use a basket with a blanket or pillow inside to cushion it to be comfortable! Obviously never leave your baby intended during this time since they are in a basket with blankets and that is not safe if you are not watching them closely! After she is positioned I set up my lighting I use the Qiaya selfie ring light with tripod stand. I found it to be affordable but had amazing quality! I set it up to minimize the shadows in the photos.

Then I make sure that my camera settings are correct and I take photos of Emma. She is the perfect little model because she is always so happy and smiley!

After the photos are taken I use Lightroom for editing! This app is amazing you can turn a dull photo in to a masterpiece! The easiest way to use light room is to download presets from Etsy. My favorite presets can be found here: they are currently having a deal so I recommend you check them out!

I am going to post a before and after picture below so you can see the difference the presets make!

As you can see the preset lightens the image and perfects everything!

After that you are done, you can finish with any cropping you feel needs to be done but you should have a beautiful photo of you little one!

I hope these tips work for you all! Sends me your photos I would love to see them!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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