Emailing Your Baby

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend. This weekend we took Emma to her first halloween party at my oldest friends apartment. it was so nice to catch up with everyone and Emma made an adorable Narwhal. (Emma will have another costume for halloween so stay tuned for that!)


Today I want to talk to you about one of the coolest ideas I have heard for new moms! First off this was not my idea, it was a meme with the idea and I thought it was amazing, I am not sure who made this meme but if you know please comment I would love to give them credit!

So that idea is…

To email your baby! I know it sounds crazy but you set up an email address during your pregnancy so that you can email your baby all the photos and stories when they happen. This makes it so you have a complete album of their life.

You can email them ultrasound photos and send captions of how excited you are to meet them! You can send their first photos and you labor story. You can send their going home photos and every other milestone they will hit through their lives.

So far Emma only has a few Emails since I started doing this last night. She has her first photos from the day she was born, her going home photos, and our first family photo. It is amazing because I can send her stories along with the photos to tell her what happened, when and where it happened.

I plan on continuing to do this not just through her first year of life but also her first days of school, first bike ride, graduations, proms, dates, everything! She will have every part of her life to look back on and see how much her parents love her!

The meme mentions that you should save the password and give it to the baby on their 18th birthday. I think it is a fantastic idea to give them the password so they can reflect but I think this would be a better gift to give them at their wedding or when they are find out they are going to be parents because I don’t think I would have appreciated these as much as 18 as I would have in the last few years!

Let me know your ideas to keep all your child’s milestones and photos!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma


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