Dress sizes can’t define, don’t let the world decide what’s beautiful

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank you all for the overwhelming amount of E-mails I received after my last post! They were all filled with kindness and love; I really have missed you all!!

Today I am writing to you all because of one email I got in particular! I received a very emotional and heartfelt letter from a high school sophomore.

She told me that she has always been struggling with her weight but has always considered herself to be beautiful! Until high school when people began to pick on her because of her size. She goes on to tell me that these girls have not only been embarrassing her but also have started to change how she sees herself and views her own body.

While reading this Email, I was almost in tears; no one should feel this way about themselves, and when these feelings are caused by the cruelty and ignorance of others, it is just so sad and it breaks my heart!

Now I can say that you shouldn’t listen to the cruel words of others, and only you can define how you feel about yourself, but in reality, this is almost impossible to do! Our peers play such a big part in our everyday life that it is so hard to ignore their opinions.

The best advice I can give someone in this position is to be strong, understand that you are beautiful and understand that there is a cruelty in this world that is not fair. Be the bigger person and don’t forget to put yourself first! Love yourself, know your worth and beauty, and truly love yourselves!


Love you all,





Hello World

Hello Everyone,

I must apologize for my extended absence! I must say I have been a very busy girl, most recently I have started grad school!

I was offered a full assistantship! Allowing me to go to school as well as get a great experience of working as a Teaching Assistant, enabling me to teach classes, and do some real world hands on research!

I just finished my first week, and so far I have no complaints, it is so nice being back to school.

Me and Tyler also through a celebration of our marriage, a second reception! As many of you know our wedding ceremony was planned ver quickly and even though it was fantastic it was very nice to have a bigger party that all our friends and family could attend!

It’s been a crazy and fun summer!

I am hoping to get back to you all more regularly; I am going to make an honest effort! I miss all of my web friends! Let me know if there is anything you want me to touch upon in the next few days!

Talk to you all soon!

Lots of love,



Be Happy Be Bright Be You

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all having a great weekend! Today I want to talk to everyone about positivity!
I talk a lot about staying optimistic and positive for you own well being and mental health but I think there are many other great things about being optimistic as well!
For one, everyone wants to be around  happy people! In the work place,at school, basically any where! People want to be around positivity! Looking at life through rose colored glasses is a great trait and people like to be around those who aren’t downers and who do not focus on bad things!
Sometimes things happen and can make the whole world seem bad. Sometimes you may not be so optimistic and that’s okay too! We all have those days. But in general I think looking at the glass half full makes you feel better about  your everyday life!
I hope you all decide to put on those rose colored glasses every now and then and smile!
Love you all,


All The Little Things

Hello Everyone,
Happy Monday! 
Today I want to talk to you about being thankful and recognizing the little things in life!
Everyone has little things that they are lucky to have. Whether this be a person, a pet, a belonging, or even just a memory! 
We recognize these things when negativity comes into our lives. When we need comfort we will run to that person, seek comfort in your pet, seek out that special belonging, or remember a fond memory. 
Even though these things may be the best when negativity strikes we should remember them and be thankful for having them each and everyday! 
If these things can heal us when things get tough just think of their power during good times! 
For me family is what I am most thankful for! Each and everyday I am lucky to have such amazing people surround me with their love! 
Love you All,


Becoming YOU

Hello Everyone,Happy Tuesday! Today I want to talk to you all about becoming you! 

We experience so much in a lifetime! So much hurt, so much joy, and everything in between! It would be so easy to say that we wish we could eliminate all the bad and get rid of all the metaphoric bruises but so much of ourselves is made up of the good and bad experiences.

Everyone has heard the phrase everything happens for a reason or what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… both are absolutely correct! 

Think about how certain experiences have changed your view on the world! How maybe an accident makes you think twice when taking a right on red or how a bad date made you hate a particular movie or restaurant! All these little things have shaped you and guide you day by day through life! 

Maybe you once were a very trusting person but experienced pain from putting your trust in the wrong person. You may think twice before your next leap of trust but maybe this change will perfect your future! 

We become who we are through a life time of experiences! You may be a completely different person today then you were a year ago and this may not be a bad thing! 

We need to embrace our mistakes and experiences and allow them to effect us but never stop us! You are in charge of your own life, learn but never be afraid to live! 

These things make you you… so don’t wish away the past! 

Love you all,



What’s in my husband’s carryon? (Guest Post)

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well! In preparation for our honeymoon trip to Disney, we’re packing our carry-ons! Michelle did hers already, and she asked me if I wanted to do mine so I thought I would!

I travel a bit lighter than Michelle in most cases, but there are still some essentials that I need to take on the plane with me (In my lovely Marvel backpack).

First, I have my book to keep me entertained while on the plane. This is an absolute essential because more often than not you can find me reading! Currently, I’m reading Battle for Honor: Rebirth. I’ll recommend this to anyone who has a taste for fantasy books, it’s extremely well written and one of my favorite books so far!

Along with my book, I have my electronics. I have a phone charger because I never know when I’m going to need to charge my phone. I also have my Disney wristband so I don’t have to carry a credit card or anything else with me in the park. I’ve always liked this because i have a terrible habit of leaving things somewhere and forgetting where I leave them. I also have my Apple headphones for music, and just in case I don’t have an outlet to charge my phone I have my portable charger made by DYNEX! This thing works awesome and has saved my butt more times than i can count when I’m traveling for for work.

I have my sunglasses By Kreed so I’m not blinded by the sun, and some tissues Star Wars just in case!

But that’s what’s in my carry-on! Like I said, I don’t usually need much = but these are what I consider essential when traveling!


What’s In My Carry On

Hello Everyone,

I have 5 days until I leave for Disney! As you might be able to tell I am so excited to be starting this adventure. Not only is this our spring break trip but our honeymoon! We went on a weekend trip to Connecticut right after our wedding so that we could save the money and find a time to go to Disney.
Well now it is less then a week away and am getting all gitty just thinking about the morning we leave!
Today I packed my carry on filled with all the things I will try to entertain myself with. So here is what is in my Darth Vader carry on:

  • My hot pink HP laptop (so I can keep up with all of you)
  • Yes cucumber face wipes (always need to refresh after a day of travel)
  • My Vera Bradley wallet (it is the perfect size to keep everything you need for travel)
  • A mini hair brush by precision beauty (great quality and perfect size)
  • My notebook and calendar book (work on ideas for the blog, of course!)
  • A new pair of Skullcandy headphones (the only headphones I use)
  • My favorite YBF lipstick (Check them out, I love the shade pumpkin spice)
  • Star Wars tissues (to go with my Vader bag, of course)
  • Iphone charger (can’t travel with out power)
  • A fun pair of sunglasses (designed by Merona)
  • The book A night in with Audrey Hepburn by Lucy Holliday ( loving it so far, book review after the vacation)
  • Of course my Disney Magic Band so we can jump straight to the magic when we land in Orlando

Love you all,


FullSizeRender (2).jpg


Start the Countdown!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Monday!

Well I leave for Disney World in just 1 week! I am so excited to be spending one week of stress-free living with my husband and I am also excited to be sharing the magic with all of you!
We are just about all packed up and ready for this magical adventure, so I thought I would share some of the exciting details with you!
First because we are poor newlyweds we will be staying at one of Disney’s value resorts to save money. We will be enjoying the parks from Monday to Friday, because we have to leave first thing Saturday morning!

We decided to do the deluxe dining plan so that we can enjoy as many of the delicious restaurants as we possibly can. I have made reservations for:

  • Coral Reef
  • La Hacienda de San Angel
  • ‘Ohana
  • Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast at Cape May Cafe
  • Yak & Yeti
  • Tony’s Town Square
  • Donald’s Dining Safari Breakfast at Tusker House
  • Chef Mickey’s Fun Time Buffet Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s
  • 50’s Prime Time Cafe
  • Be Our Guest
  • ‘Ohana’s Best Friends Breakfast Featuring Lilo and Stitch
  • Liberty Tree Tavern
  • Character Dinner at The Crystal Palace

I am beyond excited to experience a Magical Disney Vacation!  I am even more excited to be sharing my experience with all of you! I promise to keep you updated and post plenty of photos over on my Instagram! (@inspiringthegirls)
At some point this week I will be sharing what I will be taking with me, as well as, the things me and my husband are most excited for!

Love you all,



Fly with me to Neverland

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous Sunday morning! 

I wanted to let you know of something that I am extremely excited about! 

In just 15 days Tyler and I will be boarding a plane to Disney world! And I’m taking you all with me!

I will be blogging everyday about what we have seen, what we have done, and  basically my blog will be filled with magic for a week! 

I will be covering everything from what rides we go on to where we plan to eat! 

I hope you all join me for a week of Disney Magic! My first post will begin the 13th with the prep and the last post will be on the 19th with our flight home! 

I’m so excited to share this adventure with all of you!

Love you all,



Love Your Beauty! 

Hello everyone,

Today I want to write to you about people who would do anything to reach what they consider to be beautiful.

This idea came to me after I had a bad reaction to a Rimmel lip liner I just bought! I am the first to admit that I am an extreme girly girl I love to put on makeup and do my hair but at the same time there are plenty of days I spend the day bumming around in sweatpants and my hair in a bun.

But anyways last night I tried this new lip liner and I loved the color! As I was cooking dinner I started to feel my lips tingle which is extremely odd for a lip liner. I took the chicken out of the oven and went to the bathroom to take it off. My lips were enormous! If you had ever seen the movie Hitch, my allergic reaction was a lot like his!

I typically have a very small top lip that disappears when I smile. But now it was huge it looked like I had some sort of lip injections just to my top lip. Around my lips were red with a crazy itchy rash and I looked insane! I took benydryl and put some ice on my face. Benydryl always knocks me out so this morning when I woke up I thought everything would be better.

It was a little better the rash is basically all cleared up but my top lip is still huge and has cuts from swelling so large! And all from a lip liner, was it worth it… NO!

Some people go under crazy amounts of plastic surgery to achieve their ideal look. They subject themselves to injections all in the name of beauty! I personally think that everyone is beautiful every one is unique and that is how it should be!

I recently watched an episode of the twilight zone (yes, I am a nerd)  were on your 16th birthday you undergo a treatment to look the same as all other Women so you can be considered beautiful! Now it’s clear to see that this is insanity but still people do this everyday and spend thousands of dollars doing it.

Why is it so important to have a DD cup size or Angelina Jolie’s cheek bones? Why do you need a Kardashian butt or Jennifer Anniston’s nose! If woman could just get over idolizing the looks of other woman we would be so much happier!

Your own natural beauty is beautiful and that should be enough! Plastic surgery is dangerous and do you really want to risk your life to look like someone else!

I hope you all enjoy your Thursday I will be home icing my lips

Love you all,