Bubble Backpack

Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday! As you, all know when I find something awesome I just have to share it with all of you!

I recently bought Tonks a Bubble Backpack so she could join me on hikes and we can enjoy the outdoors together!

Today was our first hike, and we both had so much fun!

Tonks really liked the backpack she was able to look out the front as well as the two sides. And I felt that she was safe and secure so that I could hike without any worries!

The backpack is made very well; Tonks weighs 8 pounds, and the backpack had no problem holding her in safely!

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors with their furry friend!

Here is the link if you are looking for the perfect carrier for your hiking buddy! #bubblebackpack:http://www.amazon.com/Texsens-Innovative-Traveler-Backpack-Carriers/dp/B01FNJWPOG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&keywords=backpack+pet+carrier

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Mrs. Optimistic

Hello Everyone! 

Today I want to talk to you all about staying optimistic!
As you all now I am a self proclaimed optimist! I try to stay positive and look on the bright side of everything! 
I personally believe this is a great quality because it allows me to keep cool and keep smiling! 
Today my husband and I are celebrating an early Easter because it is another holiday he has to work! As a newlywed all I want to do is spend the holidays with my husband but I know we have bills to pay and responsibility!
I look at the bright side and think about how lucky we are for our health and our love! So we celebrate Easter the day before! I am still a very lucky woman! 
Mr & Mrs Trites and Mr & Mrs Bunny 


Never Say Goodbye

Hellos Everyone! 

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday! I am currently in the post Disney depression!

Yesterday was the last day of my vacation! Although yesterday was great I am still very sad that it is over!

Yesterday, we spent the morning at Magic Kingdom! We road Peter Pan and Space Mountain! We road the rail road around the park and got to see everything! We met the Easter bunny and his wife as well as a magical talking Mickey Mouse who gave us some great advice on marriage! 

After the Magic Kingdom we went over to Epcot to walk around the countries one last time before going to Chef Mickeys for dinner! At Epcot we met Baomax from Big Hero 6! He was adorable! 

Our dinner was great some of the best food and we met Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy! So fun! 

The sadness of leaving really hit after dinner! We went back to the hotel packed up all our things and were up and at the airport by 6 this morning! 

I can’t wait to start planning our next trip! Disney is such a magical place! I loved everything about it! I could not have imagined a better place to spend our honeymoon! 

Like Peter Pan said “never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting” so until next time Mickey!  

Love you all,


‘Ohana Means Family

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day! I certainly did!
Yesterday was another magical day at Walt Disney World! In the morning we went back to ‘Ohanas but this time for a character breakfast with LILO and Stitch! This is the one place in the park you can currently meet Stitch and believe me it was so worth it! The food was great and he was adorable! 
After that we went to Hollywood Studios to experience more Star Wars and ride all the rides! We enjoyed Star Tours and the new Toy Story Midway Ride! The day was incredibly magical! 
After we spent the majority of the day in Hollywood Studios we went to Magic Kingdom to do dinner at the new Be Our Guest Restaurant! This was amazing it was straight out of the movie! The rooms were gorgeous and we got to meet our host the beast! 
We were able to get on to the Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s A Small World before the park closed! 
Can’t wait to experience all the magic tomorrow! 
Love you all,


Adventure Is Out There

Hello Everyone!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
So yesterday was a great day here in Disney we went everywhere! We started our day at Animal Kingdom where we went to the Donald Duck Breakfast Safari! We got to meet Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Daisy all dressed up for a safari! 
After that we went on the dinasuar ride which was absolute terrifying followed by Its tough to Be A Bug which was just as terrifying! And finally Expedition Everest which was very terrifying! Clearly if you want terror go to Animal Kingdom!
We got to meet Doug and Russell from Up which was so fun! 
After that we went back to the hotel for a little swim and to change our sweaty clothes!
We then went to Hollywood Studios simply because I could not wait another day to see the new Star Wars area! And it was amazing!!! I met chewbacca who is now my very best friend! 
After I spent 4 hours in Star Wars Land we went to the Magic Kingdom to get dinner at the plaza! At the plaza we experienced a very magical dinner! We ordered our sandwiches and chit chatted and as we reached the end of our dinner our waitress explained that another woman had paid for us! This was so kind I nearly got the chills! We paid it forward, but I would love to thank that woman who bought us our dinner! 
We saw fireworks and rode the Haunted Mansion and Stitches Great Escape! All together yesterday was pretty magical!! 
Can’t wait to see what’s next! 
Love you all,


Just Keep Swimming 

Hello Everyone! 
For my second post today, I just want to say how excited I am to spend time with little Milania today! 

Disney is a magical place whether you are in the parks or at the pool… especially with little ones! 

She has been loving the warm weather and spending time splashing around the amazing Disney pools! 

I had to take her pic in her new Biscotti and Kate Mack Cover Up! I only wish I could get one in my size. LOL

If you have children you should definitely check out their website!  
Their products are adorable and made extremely well! Milania loves her new cover up and has received so many compliments! 

I will include a link to their website! Hope you all check them out! 
Love you guys,




Today I BackPacked Around The World

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday was by far one of the most magical days I have ever experienced!
We spent the day backpacking across the entire world! We saw Canada, Japan, France, Germany, China, Morocco, Norway, Mexico, Africa, you name it! We saw everything the world had to offer, the World Showcase that is!
Tyler and I spent our entire day in Epcot! We road the rides, ate the food, smiled for the pictures, and shopped the shops, and traveled the world, right here in Florida!
I think it is a wonderful thing to learn about and celebrate the cultures of other areas in the world! Disney has done an amazing job bringing a true cultural feeling to its guests!
We met Minnie and Pluto, which was great because my dog Bella is a huge Pluto fan and always wanted an autograph! 
We ate dinner in Norway which was absolutely amazing! The food was a 10 out of 10 and I got to meet some of my favorite princesses! The little girl next to us turned 3 today and when the waiter brought the cake over everyone in the entire restaurant even the princesses sang her happy birthday! Disney truly is the happiest place on earth! Happy 3rd Birthday Alyssa!
After dinner we did a little after hours exploring around the countries and really enjoyed all the beauty of Epcot. We are here during the Flower and Garden Festival so we have had so much fun looking at all the beautiful flowers arranged into different Disney Characters!
Disney is the best place in the world to people watch because everyone is so happy! One of the best things about this place is watching a little kids face light up when they meet their favorite characters! I find it hard enough to contain my own excitement, never mind when I was a child!
I can’t wait for the excitement that tomorrow will bring! For more updates make sure to follow my Instagram (@inspiringthegirls) and Facebook (inspiringthegirls)
Love you all,


To Infinity and Beyond

Hello Everyone!
Yesterday when all the traveling was done and I finally arrived to the happiest place on Earth, Tyler and I ventured to Magic Kingdom “The Most Magical of all the Parks”!
 When we walked in, the parade was just beginning. It seemed to be a welcome to us as our favorite Disney characters waved and danced along with great upbeat music!
We made our way through the masses of people and arrived outside of Buzz Lightyear. This is a ride where you sit in a space ship and shoot a lazer gun at aliens trying to beat the person aside of you in the car! I take these challenges very seriously! Unfortunately, so does Tyler since he beat me!
After this we met Buzz on our way out and had a photo taken with him, after all he is BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!
We then explored more of Tomorrowland making it on to the People Mover, one of my all time favorite rides thats only purpose is to move people! I feel like its an honest ride no surprises or twists you get exactly what you expect. It is very moving LOL (puns).
We got to see the Monsters Inc Laugh floor, which always supplies good clean jokes that have everyone cracking up. For example :
    “What Kind of car do Disney characters drive? …… A Minnie Van” LOL
They never get old!
We got a small lunch since we would be having a very large dinner! Followed by walking around and exploring the new areas of the park! Like Ariel’s castle, The Beasts Castle, Rapunzel Tower! Oh So fun!
We ended the night with ‘Ohana. Yes, it means family but it is also one of the best restaurants Disney has to offer! It is at the Polynesian Resort and it’s an all you can eat family style masterpiece! Everything is fantastic, I had no complaints!
We had also picked the perfect time to eat at ‘Ohana because we had the most beautiful view of the Magic Kingdom Wishes Firework Show! The restaurant dims their lights and you get to hear the narration from Jimminy Cricket over the loud speaker!
Our first day truly was incredible! I’m looking forward to all the magic of tomorrow! Follow my Instagram and Facebook for updates in between posts!
Love you all,

Where Dreams Come True! 

Hello Everyone!
Happy Monday! Today is finally the day, we are on our way to Disney World!!!!!!
We have made it through check-in, security, and now its all the fun of flying, landing, staying in NC for a layover then flying, and landing again!
I am so excited to get to Orlando that I feel like it’s been the longest day ever! I have my carry-on stuffed full with all kinds of goodies I mentioned in last weeks post!
I have eaten my way through Starbucks, Five guys, and Dunkin Donuts! And I am so ready for some fun!
On the plane we are watching WALL-E to help us get into the Disney mood. The moment we land I know I will be able to feel the magic!
When we land we will be taking the Magical Express to start the magic early! Then we will check into our hotel and head over to the park! Our dinning reservations are at the hotel tonight so we can pick any park! It will all depend on what we are feeling, and probably the length of the bus lines!
Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates during the day on our activities! As well as, checking my blog each day for a post about all the magic we have been experiencing! I am so excited to be given this opportunity to spend the week here and share all my experiences with all of you!
Love you all,
Michelle ❤

Happy Memories 

Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

As many of you know I will be leaving for Disney tomorrow! 

So today I want to talk to you all about anticipation! Sometimes life seems to be waiting for a different moment! You can’t wait for a vacation, graduation, your wedding, or whatever exciting thing you are looking forward to! 

But what about the moments we are living now! I am a firm believer that we should make the best out of all life’s adventures so don’t just sit back and wait for your next big adventure enjoy all of the little ones on the way! 

And when you finally get to a big adventure make the best of it and take time to sit back and just absorb a memory! 

A lifetime is filled with so much happiness and magic! Sometimes we need to just step back and enjoy these moments… Before they become just happy memories! 

Don’t ever forget that the best thing about memories is making them! 

I love you all,