Tips For Traveling with Baby

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about being MIA since Monday I wasn’t feeling great most of this week but are feeling better now!

Since we traveled last week I’ve received a few DMs from people about to travel with their baby’s over Christmas and asking for any tips!

My first tip has to do with where the baby sleeps! We really struggled to find something I felt was safe but also easy to travel with! After doing a lot of research pack n’plays made me nervous because the bottoms are plastic and not breathable which is a big suffocation risk! We ended up buying a Fisher-Price Stow N’ Go Bassinet and it was amazing! It folds into a bag that is almost completely flat and easy to travel with, it only takes minutes to set it back up for baby once you get to your destination! It even vibrates to help them sleep! We got ours at Walmart, but it is also available at Target!

A second lifesaver was a travel swing! Emma falls asleep in her 4Moms swing every night then we move her to her crib! We were not sure how she would fall asleep without the swing and the 4Moms swing is amazing but large and heavy, you simply can’t travel with it! After researching I found one swing that folds down small enough to travel! It is the Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing It’s available on Amazon and was the biggest lifesaver, she fell asleep in it every night we were away!

Another tip I have is sanitizing bags for bottles and nipples and bunnies! There is no easy way to travel with a sanitizer but they do have bags that after washing you put the bottles and nipples in the bag along with water and microwave them when it’s done it is fully sanitized the bags are from Medela and can be purchased through Amazon, Walmart, or Target!

Next, if you are bringing a bottle warmer to heat the baby’s bottles don’t! Simply use the coffee maker in the hotel! Do not put coffee in the maker just fill the carafe with hot water sit the bottle in it and you are all set!

Finally, a tip if you do not want to sanitize and wash as many bottles is to use platex bottles with the drop in liners! You simply fill the liners with milk drop it into the bottle and put the nipple on! When the baby is done you throw out the liners and only have to wash the nipple! The bottle is perfectly clean! I don’t like using these all the time because it creates a lot of waste but it is great for traveling! You can buy these bottles at Amazon, Walmart, Buybuybaby, or Target! You can buy the liners at Amazon, Walmart, buybuybaby, and Target as well!

Hope this helped! And safe travels!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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