Teething Troubles

Hello Everyone,

Happy Sunday, I hope you and your family are enjoying this weekend!

The last few weeks have been really tough for Tyler and I because Emma has been experiencing horrible teething! At first, we thought she was sick because she had a fever, wouldn’t sleep and constantly fussed. The doctors told us that it was all from teething!

We tried so many things to make her comfortable including iced teethers, cold washcloths, Tylenol, teething pacifiers, teething snacks, everything we could! Some of these things helped but she could still end up upset and hurting soon after!

I was looking for anything that would help so I ended up ordering a teething set from Amazon. They work amazing, I really can’t tell enough moms about them! They fit in her hands’ perfect wich seems to help her with the frustration other toys have caused!

The bumps seem to soothe her and help relieve the teething pressure! Honestly, when she starts crying at night we give these to her and they soothe her to sleep in minutes!

Thank you for keeping this momma sane and helping my little girls pain dino toys you are seriously amazing!!

Another really awesome feature is that you get a sanitary box with them allowing you to carry them in the diaper bag and keep them clean!

If you are looking for them you can find them here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VFBYJ87

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma


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