For Those Still Waiting For A Christmas Miracle

Hello Everyone,

Happy Wednesday, can you believe there is only one week until Christmas?

Tyler and I are so excited to celebrate the holidays with little Emma this year! We have been waiting for so long to celebrate with our own child. I want to take a second to talk about something serious. I have received quite a few DMs from you guys asking for advice from grieving moms and moms still waiting for their miracles to arrive, going into the holidays this year.

I remember the holidays being the hardest time of year when dealing with our loss and infertility. You get to see all the children so excited for Santa and the Christmas magic it is bittersweet when you are still waiting. We experienced our miscarriage in November so Christmas that year was crushing. The Christmas list I had sent to loved ones was filled with maternity clothes and pregnancy pillows, It was so hard knowing that everyone would have to return all those things because I wouldn’t need them. That Christmas was our Nephew’s first Christmas and although I was excited for him to experience the Christmas magic I was in no way able to deal with the emotions that Christmas would bring that year. Even though I was surrounded by friends and family I felt alone. I knew Tyler and our family were grieving too but I couldn’t get out of my head to see anything but my own pain.

It is so hard to give you all advice because I remember the pain. The only thing I can tell you is to try and open your eyes and see you are not alone. Your loved ones are there for you, talk to them! People get busy this time of year they start worrying about things like money, and time. If you are struggling, tell them, sometimes people just need a reminder to realize when someone needs help!

If you feel like these won’t help or aren’t an option look for professional help, there is no shame in seeing someone! I love you all and I hope you know I will be praying for your prayer to be answered too.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and sending baby dust to those still waiting. I hope Santa brings you a miracle!

Love you all,
Michelle & Emma


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