A Trip To Christmas Town

Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday, boy did we have an exciting weekend!

We spent the weekend in Virginia! Busch Gardens gifted us an amazing trip to visit Christmas Town to celebrate Emma’s first Christmas! When I started reading about Christmas Town at Busch Gardens I was beyond excited to go!

When you walk into Busch Gardens this time of year the sight is absolutely stunning the Christmas lights, and wreaths are breath taking! We stopped to take a few photos in the entrance area because it really was picture perfect!

As we walked further into the park the beauty of Christmas grew! Each of the countries were stunning! Our first country was Ireland we had to cross a bridge that was beautifully decorated and led to a toy store that the kids couldn’t resist! Charlotte picked out a cute stuffed dog and Emma got a bumble from the Rudolph movie! In Ireland you will find a beautiful show called Gloria, this is the amazing story of the first Christmas! You can also find Santa’s Fireside Feast here where you can eat with Santa as he tells the kids a classic Christmas Story!

Another country we loved was France! In France we took some adorable photos by beautiful silver Christmas trees and ate some amazing crepes accompanied by yummy cocoa! While in France you can enjoy the Twas The Night Ice skating show!

Our next stop was the North Pole where we met Santa Claus! Boy oh boy was this the most amazing and elaborate Santa meeting I ever witnessed! Just the line to wait to see him was beautiful. Santa was in a castle that has every room decorated perfectly! There were elves everywhere singing and dancing with the kids! There was a room where you could write lists to give to Santa when you met him!

When we finally got to Santa himself we were so excited! He was the nicest and most patient man! He was so excited to see both Charlotte and Emma he read the list Charlotte gave him and talked to her all about what she wanted. He took photos with Charlotte and photos with Emma then photos with both of them! It was such a special moment! And the pictures are just breathtaking!

Out of all the countries our favorite was Germany! It had the most beautiful Christmas tree! It was huge and beautifully decorated! There was a lot of carnival style games for kids to play and win adorable Christmas prizes!

We kept exploring throughout the park and found Rudolph and his friend Bumble! They were fun and playful and Charlotte even had her face painted like a reindeer to match Rudolph!

The fun didn’t stop as we headed over to Sesame Street to meet Elmo and ride a few of the fun kiddie rides! We even saw the most adorable Sesame Street show on a giant stage! While we were meeting Elmo the little boy ahead of us in line had a little meltdown, it turned out that he missed the last Sesame Street show. Even though he already had his time with Elmo, Elmo went over to him again gave him a big hug and did a little dance from the show so he did not miss out! A few minutes later we walked by him and his mom and he had the biggest smile on his face! The moment actually brought me to tears.

We had such a blast at Christmas Town we couldn’t recommend it more! To everyone who has kids or loves Christmas as much as we do there is no place better to celebrate! A few tips If you are planning a trip!

1. Get the photo pass it costs 50 dollars for a days pass but you receive a digital download of all your photos. It was well worth is for just the Santa pictures but we got many more as well!

2. 2. Get the cocoa refill mug! It costs about 7 dollars for your mug and first fill of cocoa. Then each refill is only about 2 dollars.

I hope you all get the chance to visit Christmas Town it really was magical!

See you next year Christmas Town!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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