An Open Letter To Santa Claus From A Mom

Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you, Santa for giving my daughter an amazing first meeting! You were the answers to our hopes dreams and prayers!

Tyler and I were worried about how she would handle being held by someone she does not know, although she was skeptical at first Santa’s kindness won her over!

Santa sat down with Emma, talked to her, played with her, and even read her a story! As he spent time with her you could see her getting happier and happier!

I know Santa talks with so many kids each day but it means the world to me that you spend so much time with Emma! You really did make our first Christmas magical!

Tyler and I have dreamed of celebrating the holidays with a baby of our own for years. Having our baby take a photo with Santa was a very special moment we’ve dreamed about! As Tyler and I packed up the car and got Emma all dressed up, We were both excited and a little worried since she has never been held by someone we do not know. Santa was instantly the kindest man we’ve ever met. As he talked and played with Emma her smile got bigger and bigger! You could see her start believing in the magic and joys of Christmas! My heart melted and all those dreams I had for our first Christmas came true!

I will treasure these photos forever Santa! Thank you for giving me exactly what I wanted for Christmas this year! We love you Santa, and can’t wait to see you next year! 💚❤️💚❤️

Please share in hopes of reaching Santa!


Michelle & Emma

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