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Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday, today I want to talk to you about a new development in my life. I am a mom… now I know you all know this but, now it is also my job title.

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Last week I gave my notice at my job that I loved! It was a very hard decision for my husband and I to make. We spent many weeks contacting daycares and deciding what was best for our family. I know daycare is expensive everywhere but in the city we work it is outrageous. It did not make sense for me to go back to work since the cost of daycare would take up my paycheck.

I worked in an amazing hospital with amazing coworkers. Many of them are close friends and telling them I was leaving was very hard. I tried to reach out to everyone I had a relationship with so they did not just hear about my resignation from a mass email. I had a lot of anxiety before calling the director and talking with my coworkers because I did not want to let anyone down, but the response I received were amazing. I received so much love, and support it helped me realize I made the right choice for my family. When I called and spoke with my director he told me that I should never have to work just to afford daycare, and he is right. Why sign over all my pay for someone to watch my child when I could take care of her and care for her myself. No one will ever care for your child as well as you do!



I know this is not an option for all moms and we are extremely fortunate that my husband has a job that can support our family. He works hard everyday to make sure we have everything we need and that is more than I could ask from anyone. He is an amazing husband and father. Emma and I are so fortunate!


I am very excited for my families future and getting to be with Emma everyday to teach her and watch her grow. As a stay at home mom your job never ends. But to me it really is the most rewarding and exciting job you’ll ever do! How many other jobs do you get to wake up in the morning and spend the day with the person you love most.

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If any of you have any tips for being a stay at home mommy let me know!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma


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