Match Made in Motherhood

Hello Everyone,

Happy Tuesday! Today I want to talk to you about mommy time.

As a new mom it’s hard to find time for yourself. When Emma is sleeping I usually feel like I need to do things like cleaning. By the time she’s fallen back to sleep I have bottles that need washing and sanitizing and clothes that need to be thrown in the washer and dryer. But sometimes you need to sit back and realize you are important too.
Before Emma, I loved to read. Everyday on my commute in and out of the city I would read, everyday before bed I would read, basically anytime I could find time I would read!
I am excited to say that I am reading my first book since Emma! It is called Match Made in Motherhood written by Megan Hyche. It follows The story of a New Mom. She transitions from a working woman to a stay at home mom. She struggles to find herself with the big changes that come along with motherhood. She talks about things all moms can relate to and situations we all find ourselves in. This book is meant to both inspire and entertain.
With my recent change into motherhood and being a stay at home mom I think it is the perfect book to help entertain me! From talking with some of you I think many of you can relate as well! Whether your baby is newborn or grown it is a book moms will relate to.
If any of you want to read along with me you can find Match Made in Motherhood here:  
I would love for you to join me in reading and share your thoughts!

Once I am finished I will post a full review!

Love you all,
Michelle & Emma

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