Get Ready with Me and Emma

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I want to walk you through what it’s like for Emma and I to get ready in the morning! As most moms know it’s never easy to get yourself and your baby ready! I hope you guys can take a few tips from Emma and My routine! If you have any tips let me know!

I start my mornings with a quick shower! I put Emma in her bouncer right outside the curtain to make sure she is safe! Honestly I probably stuck my head out every minute to check on her!

When my shower is done I quickly dry off, towel dry my hair, and slip into my clothes! Then I start on my makeup. Currently I am loving Tart makeup I’m using their foundation, concealer, mascara, and blush!

Once my makeup is done it’s time for my hair! I use a new hair dryer brush, which is amazing it drys and straightens my hair at the same time! It leaves me with great volume and takes half the time of my old routine. Honestly I always feel like I just walked out of a salon! You can find the hair dryer brush here:

When I use the brush I start by sectioning my hair into three sections, I use the clips that came with my dryer brush to do this. I start at the bottom section and slowly brush my hair from the root to the tip! Toward the end of my hair I curl the dryer brush giving me a little flip!

I repeat this with all three sections till my hair is completely dry! I then flip my hair over and spray it with hair spray and today I added a clip! Now, I am done!!

Now it’s Emma’s turn! With Emma I start with a diaper change because she has definitely gone while I was getting ready. Then I pick out her outfit for the day and get her dressed! Then we are ready for the day!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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