Emma’s Birth Story

Hey everyone,

Hope you had a blast this weekend! We celebrated Emmas 4 month birthday, we went to our church pumpkin festival, and we did an early celebration of my 26th birthday! (I know I wrote 25th on my insta story, living in the past!)

As many of you noticed I asked on my Instagram page what you all wanted to read about on the blog this week! One of the biggest requests I received was a detailed birth story, it was request by 42 of you! Since I oddly love talking about Emmas birth, it was my proudest moment in life and I don’t think I ever felt as joyful loved or as empowered as I did that day so here you go!

I went into labor on June 26th 2019. Emma was scheduled to be induced early on June 28th due to all of my pregnancy complications, but Emma was not going to wait! I remember feeling extra tired that day, I went to my mom’s house to spend the day with her and ended up sleeping on her couch for a few hours. When I woke up around 3 o’clock I was in a crazy amount of pain having contractions every few minutes. Since I was still earlier then 37 weeks I was not convinced I was in labor, i had been to labor and delivery twice before for false labor so I first tried to go to the bathroom. When the pain persisted I called the nurses at my doctors office and they advised I go to the closest hospital to be evaluated before I tried to drive into the city at rush hour.

I arrived at the local hospital and they examined me and hooked me up to all of the monitors to see what was happening. At this point I was 2 cm dilated and they thought I had time to make it to my hospital with my doctors as planned. I called my doctor on the way out of the hospital to update them in everything I was just told. The doctors instructed me to go home pack my things and to monitor the contractions and call back if they got closer. My husband picked me up and we went home, I made sure my bags were fully packed and took a shower and dried my hair all while tracking my contractions.

My contractions seemed to stay 6 minutes apart for a while but while watching the Amazing Race finale everything escalated, Tyler jokes that this was the stress from rooting on my favorite team. Tyler called my doctors to tell them that my contractions were now 3 minutes apart lasting a full minute and they told us to come right in.

When we arrived they did an exam and hooked me up to the monitors again. At this point I was 4 cm dilated and contractions every minute and a half. I was admitted right away, I got to march from the labor and delivery triage to my labor room. I had imagined that walk for the last 8 months and i was so excited but also terrified.

When we got to the labor room I settled in and was given my epidural. The doctors came in and told me that they thought I would not be delivering until the next day so to try to get some sleep. Now I had the absolute worst pregnancy, I have type 1 diabetes so I was struggling to keep my blood sugars above 30 the entire pregnancy, I had Hyperemesis gravidarum since 6 weeks pregnant that never went away, and my blood pressure had started to drop weeks prior to labor. But that epidural made me feel better then I had in 8 months. I felt relaxed and out of pain and discomfort I slept for the first time in months.

The doctors came in and woke me up to assess everything at 9 o’clock the next morning. They estimated I would deliver by 6 PM that night and they instructed the nurse to check on me as well as my blood sugars every hour. I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon being flipped from side to side and watching movies that were free in the hospital TV.

At 4:00 I started to feel a good amount of pain. Honestly I felt like I had to poop so bad, all the pain was in my butt. I called the nurses in and they rechecked me at that time I was 7 cm dilated. They adjusted my epidural which only took the pain away for 10 minutes I called the nurses again and at that point I was a full 10 cm, the doctors came rushing in and prepared me to push.

I remember looking at my husband and crying because I was so afraid Emma would be hurt during delivery or that I wouldn’t be strong enough to get her out! I started pushing and pushed for 39 minutes before Emma made her way into this world. Between every push I would ask the nurse for her heart rate just so I could make sure she was doing okay.

When I heard Emma cry for the first time I instantly fell in love with this little baby covered in a whole mess of fluid. They put her on my chest and I immediately started sobbing out of happiness, relief, and unconditional love. There was nothing more beautiful then Emma in this entire world. I can’t express the love I felt and still feel every time I see her!

Emma had some bruising that was very unfortunately placed, it was around her mouth so the doctors had to take her off of me quickly thinking she was struggling to breath. Since I am a diabetic and she was born prematurely they had to check her blood sugars and oxygen and heart. Her blood sugar was very low so they had to treat her by putting a sugar gel in her mouth. After a few tests and a few treatments of the gel she was okay and we were told she was healthy! Nothing could have made me happier then those words!

As many of you know Tyler and I lost a baby a year prior to finding out Emma was on her way. The entire pregnancy was filled with panic and worry so finally seeing a healthy little baby and knowing she was here with me was my biggest dream come true! Seeing Emma gave me faith, an unconditional belief in miracles, and the understanding that bad things happen and it doesn’t mean everything is over. Although I miss our little baby everyday I know I will see him or her again one day but here on Earth I was sent to care and teach and help Emma be the best person she can be and to love her unconditionally!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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