You Got A Friend in Me

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday!

Today I want to talk to you about something that made me all sappy today! To others it may seem stupid but I am the biggest Disney fan! I watch all the cartoons even before I had a child,I was raised in Disney my parents took me every year since I was two and Tyler and I have continued this tradition since.

Toy Story 4 came out in theaters on June 21st this year, 6 days before Emma arrived. Many of you know that I had a very complicated pregnancy and was unable to get out of the house much while I was pregnant! So I missed seeing it in theaters. This was the first Disney movie I missed since I began going to the movies at 5 years old and got to see Mulan on June 21, 1998!

Disney has made a huge impact on me and how I look at the world. I think the reason I always stay positive is because of the role models Disney gave me!

Not having seen Toy Story 4 in theaters was a bummer but this time I had much more important things to worry about! Meeting Emma was the best thing that ever happened to me and she is probably very lucky I didn’t see the movie before she was born because she would be named Bo Peep right now if I had.

Today Disney released Toy Story 4 on Demand so I finally got to watch it! I sat down in my rocking chair and watched the movie with Emma sleeping in my arms. As I tried to keep my crying quiet at the end of the movie so I didn’t wake her I realized that everything I learned from Disney I will teach to Emma as she grows up!

I will teach her friendship from Toy Story,

Bravery from Mulan,

How to follow your dreams from Zootopia,

How to be yourself from Brave,

How to keep moving forward from Meet The Robinson’s,

How to trust in your family from Frozen,

How to speak your mind from A Bugs Life,

How your hard work will pay off from Princess and The Frog,

How to try new things from Tangled,

How to have high standards and not to settle from Aladdin,

How to fight for your beliefs from Pocahontas,

How to embrace who you really are from The Lion King,

How to not judge people till you get to know them from Beauty and The Beast,

and so much more.

I hope Emma has the same love for Disney that I do because it makes the world a little happier! I want Emma to be a strong kind person who is happy and can see the joy in what life has to offer, I think that is the best lesson Disney has taught me!

Love you all,

Michelle & Emma

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