Happy New Year

Hello all you beautiful people

Sorry I have been away for so long! Ugh I feel horrible about how long it has been! I just got swallowed with all the stress and time I had to put into finals and work and internships its been quite the few months for me. But i’m back now so lets catch up!!

Well Merry christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy New year!! Seems like I missed a lot 😦 

This post is just going to be a quick catchup of my past few months there will be a new years post coming up quickly. And since I know you guys would rather just see my catch up rather then read all the boring info I will attach a few pictures for you all!

Talk to you soon 

xoxo Michelle


So i had great times with my friends and family, Got a new house, became an anthropologist, fell in love, and went to comic con where I met my favorite authors!

I had an amazing year and I hope you all did to I love you all and happy new year!!


A Week Of Complements

Hello all my beautiful readers!

Today I wanna talk to you about a challenge that I just completed! Its called a week of complements and I loved it. Here are the rules

You must give complements to different people depending on the day for one week.

Sunday: Compliment A family member

Monday: Compliment a friend

Tuesday: Compliment and elder

Wednesday: Compliment a classmate or coworker

Thursday: Compliment an acquaintance

Friday: Compliment a stranger

Saturday: compliment 5 people

Doing this will help spread the love and make other feel good about them selves! This however will help you feel good about your self to! I did this challenge as part of my social behavior class and loved the out come! Not only did I make people smile and feel good but as the week went on I felt more comfortable giving compliments to all different people from mother to complete stranger. Also you start to appreciate things about people what makes them beautiful and special. It helps you realize things about your self to!!

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Boys, Books, and Boobs

Hello every one! So from my emails to my comments it has come to my attention that most of my readers are young to teenaged girls. Many of you have written to me about relationships, school, or their appearance. Although I try my hardest to reply to every email, comment, or tweet I get I wanted to write to address all of you since many of you have the same questions and concerns.

So first on the list BOYS!

Dating can be a scary thing especially if you are new to this world. The first and most important advise I can give is be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you think your crush would like, and don’t compare yourself to other girls you know, What they have experienced should be different then your own experiences because you dont have the same life or relationship. Peer pressure is going to happen in most aspects of your life including relationships so weather it comes from your boyfriend or your friends don’t give in and live your life at the pace you want to!


Many of teenagers have written in to me about college advice from what to expect and how to make friends as a freshman to where to start looking for colleges. Well the advice I have for all you freshman is to sit next to someone in class. I cant tell you how many people in my school elide to sit a seat away from other people, how are you going to make friends like that? Most freshman don’t know anyone either so say hello offer to make a study group, join a club, volunteer! You’ll have friends in no time and remember be yourself! And when it comes to looking at colleges the only think i can say is decide how far you want to go from home an start there , do you wanna commute, are you willing to have to fly back in forth that is an important part of school!

Finally BOOBS!

A lot of emails I have gotten have been about what girls see in the mirror wether it be because of your braces, blemishes, or flat chests you all need to understand you are beautiful I may not know you all personally but I am sure that you are are gorgeous and you really do need to know this about yourself to! Start by looking in the mirror pick one thing you like about your self and then tomorrow pick something else you like about your self believe me there should not be one thing that you don’t like about your self even if you have to take these baby steps till you see this you are beautiful!!!Image

Finding Things you Love

Hello everyone sorry for my lack of posts again with classes picking up my September has been stuffed full of books, quizzes, and late night studying, but hey thats the joy of college right? Well anyway I have finally found a time to get back to all of you wonderful readers!!

When I was thinking about what I wanted to write about I was cleaning up my dorm room! I came across my paperback copy of Battle of Honor:Gates. And it got me thinking about things that I love to do and what helps me distress when I come across my book I realized that there are things that I do with out thinking to help me go back to my happy place when it seems far away.

One of the things i like to do is this! I love writing to all of you guys and even writing back to the emails I get giving advice talking to my readers it really does make me feel like I make a difference in the world and when I get tired it keeps me going. When I get really stressed I love toread too.  That particular book, Battle Of Honor:Gates, I’m kinda obsessed with I have read it so many times that I’m pretty sure that I could recite it in my sleep. But when you find something you really love you just cant get enough of it. And this book takes me to a different world one of sic-fi perfection RJ Brousseau you are a genius.

So I guess what I am trying to tell you is find things that you love because the world can get stressful and you will need an outlet. Also find something that you find you are good at or you feel makes you who you are because those things will make all the stress worth it.

love you all and remember stay who you are and don’t stress the small stuff


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Preparing for the school year

Hello all my favorite people! I wanted to write to you today about starting school up for another year. My college is about to start school right after Labor Day and personally I am excited I know that many of you may be wishing that summer didn’t ever end but. We must face that fact that it will.
To get the best of this year we should start preparing now. I took quite a few summer course on line to keep my brain moving but for those in high school or don’t have a college that offers this there are other things you can do. If you are struggling in math then go to one if the many websites that offer a daily math problem it’s not to hard to do one math problem a day and it definitely will help you out! If you struggle with writing then sit down and write a letter, a blog, a review or anything else to get your brain focusing on grammar and writing! It you stifle with reading and literature then pick up a book it doesn’t have to be a school book or a classic just some thing that you enjoy.
I took summer classes as well as did many of these steps I really enjoyed reading this summer I read many different types of books. The one I enjoyed the most was a fantasy and scifi book called Battle of Honor:Gates by RJ Brousseau it was fantastically written and it took me to a different world! That is one of the best parts of reading sure you can watch TV and experience scifi and other worlds but it is not built by your imagination! The best part about reading for me is creating my own picture of what the author describes and this book worked great for that!

To The Seniors!

Hello all you wonderful people! I just wanted to write you another post. At these times many of you may be struggling through the last few weeks of classes. Especially all you high school senior taking your finals and anticipating prom and the last day you will sit aside your childhood friends. You know what your future hold for the most part. A small dorm room, new friends, and independence!

I wanted to write to you saying congratulations. To all of you you have made it so far no matter what steps you are taking right now there is and always will be an obstacle that you must choose what to do. For those getting ready to graduate your life is just getting ready to start you will spend your summer packing and anticipating the road of college you are just getting ready to embark on. You only can imagine the emotions that you will feel on graduation day saying good bye to the faces of people who you may never speak to again, for some this will seem like a good thing and for others you will not understand how much you will misshem till they are gone. You must learn how to balance keeping friends is hard especially when you may only see them for a few weeks a year, average winter breaks in colleges are over a month it may seem long now but when that is the only time in months that you can share your time with your family and you past friends it will go by to fast.

Dont get me wrong college is a great experience and you deserve to love every minute of it but it is a change and this time in your life is emotional. Just think about your prom date. You will be spending an entire night dancing in each others arms, but in a few months when you are at different colleges there may be a time were you wish that that night had not ended. Adjustment is hard but everyone gets through it.

I have a picture wall in my dorm. The pictures are all of me and my friends as I take more and more pictures with my college friends the high school side seems to be disappearing now this is not something I attended to happen but time changes people and it changes feelings to.

The last thing I want to do it sound like a downer but i want you all to know what to expect in the net few weeks and months you are all amazing and youdeserve to enjoy every second of this trip you are about to take it. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you and dont forget to smile this is your first steps of life and I want you all to thrive!ihgfd

Rules of Life

ImageHello my beautiful readers! I just wanted to write a quick blog but wasn’t sure what to write about. Today in my Anthropology class we were talking about the rules that people must live by… People were bringing up rules like don’t kill, don’t steal, pay taxes, ect but when the discussion came to be I said their were know rules in life! My teacher and everyone else looked at me like I had three heads but I do believe this! Their are soooo many different types of people and so many different societies sure there may be curtain rules in certain societies but do those rules have to be follower? NO! There may be some consequences, Yes, but these rules can be broken with out life coming to a complete end.

When I was thinking about this in term of my readers I wanted to find a way to get you to make your own rules in life. Whether that be your own morals, your own believes, a bucket list you must complete, or a set of things to try to do every day. When thinking of my own, well its basically all in this picture:

Curiosity: never take things or people for what they seem, there may be a hidden chapter to this book
Kindness: I believe 100% that it is just as easy to be kind to everyone then it is to be rude or neglectful a simple hello and smile to someone who is having a bad day can make that day better so why not, plus you could make a great new friend
Stamina: As a college student with a job and an abnormal amount of homework stamina is needed, this just doesn’t mean staying awake or completing a to do list but staying driven towards goals, and live in general
Willingness to look stupid: ding ding probably the best rule of them all it allows you to do all of the above! If you care little what you look like then there is nothing you cant do if you feel like singing sing, be you!!!

So you all should make your own list of rules for your own life!! if you would like you can temporally borrow this one to get you started but remember this is your life so take the wheel


Random acts of sweetness!

Hello all you beautiful people! So the other day when I was heading to my job at the Lab I stopped by to talk to one of my teachers offices at my college campus before continuing to the lab I thought I’d take a pit stop at the lady’s room and found this on the mirror!!!!!!


For those who don’t understand my enthusiasm it is an operation beautiful quote that some wonderful girl left on the bathroom mirror!! Some of you may still be like “big whoop” but to me it is I have been trying to push and make this organization known to everyone so that all you girls can find amazing and heart warming messages around your schools and towns!! It sure made me smile, So… to that amazing and wonderful girl at my college I thank you I hope you continue these messages so that I am not the only one leaving them around the campus