Happy New Year

Hello all you beautiful people

Sorry I have been away for so long! Ugh I feel horrible about how long it has been! I just got swallowed with all the stress and time I had to put into finals and work and internships its been quite the few months for me. But i’m back now so lets catch up!!

Well Merry christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy New year!! Seems like I missed a lot 🙁 

This post is just going to be a quick catchup of my past few months there will be a new years post coming up quickly. And since I know you guys would rather just see my catch up rather then read all the boring info I will attach a few pictures for you all!

Talk to you soon 

xoxo Michelle


So i had great times with my friends and family, Got a new house, became an anthropologist, fell in love, and went to comic con where I met my favorite authors!

I had an amazing year and I hope you all did to I love you all and happy new year!!

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