A Week Of Complements

Hello all my beautiful readers!

Today I wanna talk to you about a challenge that I just completed! Its called a week of complements and I loved it. Here are the rules

You must give complements to different people depending on the day for one week.

Sunday: Compliment A family member

Monday: Compliment a friend

Tuesday: Compliment and elder

Wednesday: Compliment a classmate or coworker

Thursday: Compliment an acquaintance

Friday: Compliment a stranger

Saturday: compliment 5 people

Doing this will help spread the love and make other feel good about them selves! This however will help you feel good about your self to! I did this challenge as part of my social behavior class and loved the out come! Not only did I make people smile and feel good but as the week went on I felt more comfortable giving compliments to all different people from mother to complete stranger. Also you start to appreciate things about people what makes them beautiful and special. It helps you realize things about your self to!!

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