Happy Birthday Mr. SHAKESPEARE

Hello Everyone,
I hope you didn’t let those Monday Blues get to you today! Tyler and I had a great day together celebrating our three years together! It’s insane to believe that we just started dating three years ago and now we are married with a cat lol!!!!

Well today I want to wish a very influential man a Happy Birthday! Today is William Shakespeare’s Birthday. He gave the world so many beautiful plays and stories.

As a lover of writing, I have always loved reading his works.  His words are timeless and beautiful.  His stories are gripping and mesmerizing. He was a true genius!

He change the course of literature through his masterpieces.   I believe the literature we read today would be so different if we had not known his genius! He paved the way for so many other stories.

Even 400 years since we lost him, his stories still inspire people to write. Mr. Shakespeare is much more then an author; he is an author, a poet, a hero, a legend, and an inspiration!

So cheers to you Mr. Shakespeare…  The Bard of Avon… Happy Birthday… and Thank you!!!

Love you all,



Finding Things you Love

Hello everyone sorry for my lack of posts again with classes picking up my September has been stuffed full of books, quizzes, and late night studying, but hey thats the joy of college right? Well anyway I have finally found a time to get back to all of you wonderful readers!!

When I was thinking about what I wanted to write about I was cleaning up my dorm room! I came across my paperback copy of Battle of Honor:Gates. And it got me thinking about things that I love to do and what helps me distress when I come across my book I realized that there are things that I do with out thinking to help me go back to my happy place when it seems far away.

One of the things i like to do is this! I love writing to all of you guys and even writing back to the emails I get giving advice talking to my readers it really does make me feel like I make a difference in the world and when I get tired it keeps me going. When I get really stressed I love toread too.  That particular book, Battle Of Honor:Gates, I’m kinda obsessed with I have read it so many times that I’m pretty sure that I could recite it in my sleep. But when you find something you really love you just cant get enough of it. And this book takes me to a different world one of sic-fi perfection RJ Brousseau you are a genius.

So I guess what I am trying to tell you is find things that you love because the world can get stressful and you will need an outlet. Also find something that you find you are good at or you feel makes you who you are because those things will make all the stress worth it.

love you all and remember stay who you are and don’t stress the small stuff


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