Happy Birthday Mr. SHAKESPEARE

Hello Everyone,
I hope you didn’t let those Monday Blues get to you today! Tyler and I had a great day together celebrating our three years together! It’s insane to believe that we just started dating three years ago and now we are married with a cat lol!!!!

Well today I want to wish a very influential man a Happy Birthday! Today is William Shakespeare’s Birthday. He gave the world so many beautiful plays and stories.

As a lover of writing, I have always loved reading his works.  His words are timeless and beautiful.  His stories are gripping and mesmerizing. He was a true genius!

He change the course of literature through his masterpieces.   I believe the literature we read today would be so different if we had not known his genius! He paved the way for so many other stories.

Even 400 years since we lost him, his stories still inspire people to write. Mr. Shakespeare is much more then an author; he is an author, a poet, a hero, a legend, and an inspiration!

So cheers to you Mr. Shakespeare…  The Bard of Avon… Happy Birthday… and Thank you!!!

Love you all,


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