Aaron's Challenge!

Hello all you beautiful people,
Today I had I received a very inspiring comment on one of my posts! A reader by the used name of Aaron Quini Wrote into me saying that they want everyone who reads this to tell someone they are beautiful tomorrow!

“So do me a favor; tomorrow, give someone a compliment. tell them that they’re a beautiful person. Just something nice, please. It doesn’t have to be bae or bestie or boo, just anyone. Even that one kid you said hi to on the first day of school and then never talked to since. Please…. Like for real. It’d mean the world to them. Thanks.”

I think Aaron’s suggestion is inspiring, brave, and brilliant! I highly encourage everyone to do this! Not only will you make the day of someone but you also may make a new friend! If you decide to partake (which again I hope You all will) please let us know how it went your experiences could inspire others to do the same!

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