What is Reality TV Doing To Reality

Hello all my beautiful readers,

Have you all noticed the sudden change in the TV programs in the last decade or so? It seems like every night I can  flip through the channels and find multiple reality TV shows. Whether this is The Bachelor, Real House Wifes or some sort of Jersey Shore wannabe show. It gets me wondering if TV’s idea of reality it altering reality in a whole.

It seems like expectations of growing up has changed, I believe that if TV reality was our actual reality our lives would go something like this:

Your 20’s: Sleeping all day Drinking all night

Your 30’s: Finding your Mr. right then cheat, lie, ang fighting with 20 other woman for his love

Your 40’s +: Being a wealthy housewife, living in a community filled with drama and other housewives you can’t stand

I don’t know about you, but this is in no way like my reality. I feel like these shows are fine when watching them for a pure entertainment purpose but when people start to idolize these lifestyles or try to keep up with these behaviors they can become very dangerous. When young people try and jump into a Jersey Shore like lifestyle people can get hurt physically and mentally. I am sure very few people sit down to an episode of Survivor then go off to find a secluded island to try to survive however the amount of people who think that a life of booze, partying, and casual sex is the new norm is astounding.

As a young woman, you are entitled to your own opinions and choices however I do urge you all to think hard before choosing a lifestyle that may seem fun and harmless but in reality is harmful to both your physical body and mental well being. Some people argue that these shows are scripted, exaggerated, or fake however to many people these shows are real. I hope that you all realize that even if these shows are real this is not the normal life of a 20 something. I hope that you do not take what I just said the wrong way, I would never tell anyone to try to fit into the norm. However, I just want to promote safety and awareness, as well as my personal opinion and experiences on these issues!

As a college student, I understand the pressures of living an exciting life as well as feeling the freedom and independents that many of you do or will eventually feel. But you need to know that it is indeed your choice to life how you want to live. Don’t worry about what your friends, roommates, or neighbors are doing. Do your own thing and I guarantee there are other people who choose to live similarly and would love an amazing and strong friend like you!!

I am not here to judge nor am I here to tell you what to do I just hope that you make your own decisions and live your life for you! As well as keep in mind the potential dangerous situations that come with whatever choice you make. You are the person who has to life your own life and deal with you own choices! reality-tv

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  1. You are so right! I admit that the bachelor is one of my guilty pleasures but networks like MTV have brought the reality TV way to far!

    • I also must admit i indulge in the bachelor on Monday nights! ahah I think sometimes TV producers don’t realize how influential they can be to young people!

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