A Day With Nana & Bepee 

Hello Everyone! 
Happy Friday! 
Today I want to talk to you about people! As an anthropologist I have always been so fascinated with people in general. I must admit I am a chronic people watcher, I guess I struggle to turn off my anthropolgy training! 
Today Tyler and I went down to visit his grandfather who is at a rehab! We spent the day with Nana and Bebee  and trust me there is a lot to learn from them!
Nana told me all about growing up in a family of 5 with her parents and two sisters! She was the middle daughter. The family didn’t have a car until after she got married so she walked everywhere!
She worked at a paint company before running an after school childcare company! 
Spending the day with these two has opened my eyes to what the world was like when they grew up! 
You can learn so much from listening to people and learning about their lives. Grandparents offer us our legacy to be embraced and collected. Take the time to learn about your legacy before they are not there to share it with you! Everyone has a different story to tell, just remember to listen, you will be amazed what you can learn! 
Love you all



National Puppy Day

Hello Everyone!
Happy Wednesday! Today I want to talk to you about puppies!

Since today is National Puppy Day sounded like the perfect opportunity to talk about the cutest of all beings!

Yes it’s true that I am obsessed with my cat but my family also has a beautiful bull dog named Bella!

We rescued her a few years back and she has become a huge part of our family since then!

I hope that if any of you are looking for a dog you look into rescuing!

These animals have been through so much and deserve nothing more then a loving home and caring family!

It really is true… sometimes you don’t know if you rescued them or they rescued you!

So here’s to you Bella even though your a crazy lady you will always be our pup!

Love you all,



Hello Everyone!
So it’s back to reality for me and Tyler today! He went to work first thing this morning and I went grocery shopping. 
It’s 40 degrees were we live which is a big change from the 90 degrees we were getting used to! 
But anyway today I want to talk to you all about life changes! (If you don’t get my title it’s a song from the 80’s) Change can be a hard thing to accept! But it’s always going to happen! 
If life stayed the same everyday it would be so boring! I understand that not all changes are good and can be very hard to come to terms with like loosing a loved one or a break up but in these situations it’s good to remember the good times! It’s amazing what time can heal you just need to make an effort to focus on the good things!
Other changes may just seem bad because it’s different! But these changes can be good! Just stay positive and make the best of these new adventures! 
Change is a scary thing but sometimes it’s a great thing! 
Love you all,


What’s in my husband’s carryon? (Guest Post)

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well! In preparation for our honeymoon trip to Disney, we’re packing our carry-ons! Michelle did hers already, and she asked me if I wanted to do mine so I thought I would!

I travel a bit lighter than Michelle in most cases, but there are still some essentials that I need to take on the plane with me (In my lovely Marvel backpack).

First, I have my book to keep me entertained while on the plane. This is an absolute essential because more often than not you can find me reading! Currently, I’m reading Battle for Honor: Rebirth. I’ll recommend this to anyone who has a taste for fantasy books, it’s extremely well written and one of my favorite books so far!

Along with my book, I have my electronics. I have a phone charger because I never know when I’m going to need to charge my phone. I also have my Disney wristband so I don’t have to carry a credit card or anything else with me in the park. I’ve always liked this because i have a terrible habit of leaving things somewhere and forgetting where I leave them. I also have my Apple headphones for music, and just in case I don’t have an outlet to charge my phone I have my portable charger made by DYNEX! This thing works awesome and has saved my butt more times than i can count when I’m traveling for for work.

I have my sunglasses By Kreed so I’m not blinded by the sun, and some tissues Star Wars just in case!

But that’s what’s in my carry-on! Like I said, I don’t usually need much = but these are what I consider essential when traveling!


Tonks Trites 

Hello everyone!

The weekend is finally here! Happy Saturday!

Today I want to tell you all about my cat!

A few months ago me and my husband decided to take in the stray cat that was living around our apartment building!

She had been abandoned at some point and many of the neighbors had brought it upon themselves to start feeding her so she wouldn’t starve.

We live up north where there is lots of snow and frigid cold nights. I started to worry about her being all alone outside in the cold, so one day I went outside with some cat food picked her up and took her in.

We took her to the vets to make sure she was healthy, got her shots, and was not someone’s outdoor cat. It turned out that she had been fixed and was at some point someone’s pet.

She had been left by someone who decided they didn’t want to be bothered with a cat anymore.

Me and Tyler have done everything to make her feel at home and loved! We named her Tonks (from Harry Potter) She loves string and fancy feast. She always comes when you sing and I’m pretty sure Breaking Bad is her favorite show!

We took her in to save her but in return she has given us laughs, love and so much happiness! Tonks has added to much to our little family!

I hope if any of you decide to adopt a pet you look in to rescuing! Some of these animals have had hard lives every living thing deserves love and a good home!

Love you all



Fly with me to Neverland

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous Sunday morning! 

I wanted to let you know of something that I am extremely excited about! 

In just 15 days Tyler and I will be boarding a plane to Disney world! And I’m taking you all with me!

I will be blogging everyday about what we have seen, what we have done, and  basically my blog will be filled with magic for a week! 

I will be covering everything from what rides we go on to where we plan to eat! 

I hope you all join me for a week of Disney Magic! My first post will begin the 13th with the prep and the last post will be on the 19th with our flight home! 

I’m so excited to share this adventure with all of you!

Love you all,



Fuller House

It’s finally here! February 26th the I’ve been waiting for since last summer!! It’s fuller house day! 

I grew up watching full house all day, everyday! I used of dream of moving to Nebraska because I assumed everyone in Nebraska must be as kind and caring as Aunt Becky! 

My favorite phrase was “how rude” and I must admit after hours of practice I have a great Elvis impersonation. not to mention as a child I felt like I had a strong bond with Michelle because we shared the same name.

Full house was a good wholesome family show! Everyone could sit around the TV and laugh it was family bonding wrapped into an half hour episode! 

Kids learned important lessons from full house! Lessons like the importance of family, how having one real friend is more important than having a handful of fake friends, we learned that love can show up in unexpected places and that even in times of tragedy people who care will be your best support system!

Needless to say I am very excited for the new installment fuller house! I guess you all can guess what I’ll be doing with my day!

I hope you all enjoy your Friday!
Love you all,



New Hampshire Ice Castles

Hello Beautiful People,

This post will be different from my usual posts! I wanted to tell you all about my trip to queen Elsa’s castle yesterday! 

Just kidding Elsa doesn’t live there LOL 

Elsa lives in Arendelle, not New Hampshire. But it was a castle made of ice!

The ice castles are man made castles completely made from ice! They are able to build so much just out of ice! It’s the perfect outing for families, the kids will have a blast running through the maze and sliding down the slide! It’s also the perfect date for couples it’s so beautiful it most definitely sets a romantic mood! 

The castle was beautiful! It was packed full of tourists attempting waiting in an hour long line to slide down a slippery slide of ice but it was beautiful!

 Unlike Elsa the cold definitely bothered me! And I was disappointed that my snowman did not come alive and love warm hugs but I enjoyed myself anyways. 

There were mazes of ice and a fountain of ice and a slide of ice and thrones of ice basically there was a lot of ice! It was nice! 

Me and Tyler met Ashley, Joel and Melania at the castles yesterday and had so much fun! Although we did not enjoy waiting in the hour line for the slide we all enjoyed our selves! 

We explored all areas of the castle, took tons of photos and ended the day with a hot cup of coco! 

I have never been one for winter weather or the cold but I would recommend the ice castles to anyone! It’s a must see! And one of the most beautiful places you will ever see! 

There are ice castles all over the country so I hope some of you get out and enjoy them like we did!

Stay “cool”,




Raising my Cat To Be A Strong and Independent woman

Hello Everyone!

I get hundreds of emails form moms asking me questions about their daughters. How to help them and advice on how to raise them to raise them to be strong individuals.

I will always do the best I can to respond to my readers questions and help them out! But the truth is I’ve never raise a child and you all have much more experience then me in that area!

I’ve only raised a cat!

I may have never been a mother to humans, but I have been the daughter to an incredible mother and amazing father. My advice would be to keep talking to them!

Everyone is going to go through the the stage where they think they are smarter than their parents and they don’t need to listen but there are so many things in life you need to learn from your parents and not enough time to learn it!

As a teenager I never wanted to listen to my parents lectures and talks, they used to take me out for breakfast on Saturday mornings to give me talks on life lessons! I know they did this so I couldn’t get up and walk away from them, I was surrounded by people eating eggs.

This used to be the most anoying thing in the world because I thought I was smarter and it was a waste of my time!

Now that I’m out in the real world I realize how much these talks actually taught me!

I find myself repeating the same words that they lectured me on to all of you. And even repeating them to myself when it comes to making these life decisions!

They may not have thought I was listening but I was and it has made all the difference!

So to any parent, my best advice is keep talking! Tell your child you love them and teach them everything you’ve learned!

They are listening!

Good luck!


My mom and dad, aren’t they the cutest!

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk to you all about being good to your body and staying healthy! This is not a talk about how to lose weight or any crazy diets! It’s about YOU and your HEALTH!

I am an active supporter in keeping a healthy diet! It just makes you feel better. The saying you are what you eat is 100% true. You only have one body do not through away your one chance to live an exciting and healthy life.

Know I am not saying to live off of green smoothies and kale for the rest of you life (although they are good) but just make a conscious effort to feed your body good food! Choose a side salad over fries and drink water instead of soda, just these little changes can make a world of differences!

I am not a gym person, and I never have been. I feel weird being in a room packed full of sweaty people who honestly do not want to be there! and I get so bored staring at the same white walls while running on a stationary machine. Because of this, I exercise at home! I do a simple yoga video every other day and, belief me, it makes a world of difference!

I have always had problems with my back, constant visits to the chiropractor is a norm for me. But since I started doing yoga it has made a world of difference. I roll out my yoga mat in my living room and pick a workout off of Hulu ( the one in the picture is Yasmin Yoga), and I just do it I can pause it if I have to do something its perfect for me!

There are so many free exercise videos on youtube or on demand; you can pick what you want! From yoga to pilates, from boxing to weightlifting there’s no excuse why everyone can;t exercise!

I hope you all choose to keep your bodies healthy and happy.