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Hello Everyone,

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed your post Halloween weekends!

Today I just want to take the time to talk about how blessed I feel to get the chance to raise Emma in New England where both my husband and I grew up!

I never appreciated all the things New England has to offer as a child but as an adult I couldn’t feel more appreciative to the little area of the world I live in!

I grew up seeing the ocean every summer! We built sandcastles, we boogie boarded, we played at arcades, and enjoyed some of the best seafood! Through blogging I have met so many people that come from other parts of the country and even other parts of the world! Some of who have never seen the ocean, I think back to all the great memories as a kid at the beach and feel so thankful that I have these memories and experiences.

In the fall we experience the most beautiful leaves. We watch them turn from green to colors or yellow, red, and orange! We get to spend the afternoon cleaning up leaves to jump in them and have to do it all over again! I remember beautiful fall days when I lived in boots and sweatshirts! It amazes me that not everyone has experienced the beauty of fall around here.

In the winter we get beautiful snow that covers the ground and trees. It is a pain to drive in and shovel but a blast to play in! Building a new best friend for the day that you hope will spring to live when you place the hat on his head like in the cartoon, snowball fights with friends and siblings, sledding down hills feeling like you are flying, iceskating on lakes and ponds! It’s all amazing and feels like childhood should feel! I remember sleeping with my pajamas inside out and a spoon under my pillow to make sure I get that snow day so I could spend the day playing!

Spring is a time when you get to see new life bloom and experience the first warm days in months. I remember being in the drop off line of my elementary school as a kid and seeing little flowers pop out of the snow mounds and getting exciting to watch the snow melt away and start playing outside in the warm weather again!

In New England we experience the best of all the seasons. And I feel so fortunate that Emma will experience the fun parts of each season each year!

Love you all,

Michelle & Tyler

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