Workout Wednesday- Yoga

Hello Everyone,

As we mentioned before our blog is in the middle of some changes including creating a few new posts each week that will fit into different categories! Since today is Wednesday we’re going to talk about working out and keeping your body healthy!

For many of the readers who have been reading for a little bit you know how much I enjoy yoga. I feel like it’s the perfect exercise for someone who’s looking to increase the health of there body and mind.

If you have been thinking about trying yoga I would highly recommend it! For me it has become a great time to step away from the stress and weight of work, finances, and other stressors. It gives me a time to reflect on my day positively and soothe any worries.

If you are new to yoga I would not recommend getting to ambitious to fast…pace yourself! You are not going to be a yogi guru your first session, allow your self the time you need to learn. Start by practicing a few poses everyday as you perfect them one by one start adding new poses before you know it you will be a pro and both your body and mind will benefit!

If any of you have any questions related to yoga send me an email I would love to help in any way I can.




Healthy Living 

Hello Everyone,
It’s Monday once again! The start of a new week! 

Today I wanted to talk to you all about taking care of yourself! 

From eating healthy, exercising regularly, practicing good hygiene and maintaining a good mental health! These are all so important to keeping yourself healthy and happy! 

For eating healthy, I don’t mean you need to go to an extreme right away or cut out all the good tasting food! But maybe pick a side salad over a thing of French fries or replacing one of you morning coffees with a healthy smoothie! It’s amazing how little changes can help boost your energy and heal your body!

Like I’ve talked about in my past posts, I am a strong believer in yoga and palates! Just 20 minutes of these exercises help heal your body and relieve stress and tension! 

Remember that practicing good hygiene is always important as well! Remembering to wash your face at the end of the day and pamper yourself every once in a while will help you feel rejuvenated! 

Finally for good mental health, I recommend finding something that helps you relieve stress and escape from any problems maybe it’s reading maybe it’s painting for some people it’s yoga and for others it’s a musical instrument or poetry! 

Maintaining good health is so important to living a full life! I hope you all make an effort to take control of your health and live a good long life! 

I also wanted to mention a fellow blogger! Her name is Meagan, she had tweeted me yesterday about her blog! She had written a post about me and my blog which was extremely flattering and wonderfully written! I had checked out the rest of her blog and have really enjoyed it! I hope you all check her out as well!
Love you all,



Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk to you all about being good to your body and staying healthy! This is not a talk about how to lose weight or any crazy diets! It’s about YOU and your HEALTH!

I am an active supporter in keeping a healthy diet! It just makes you feel better. The saying you are what you eat is 100% true. You only have one body do not through away your one chance to live an exciting and healthy life.

Know I am not saying to live off of green smoothies and kale for the rest of you life (although they are good) but just make a conscious effort to feed your body good food! Choose a side salad over fries and drink water instead of soda, just these little changes can make a world of differences!

I am not a gym person, and I never have been. I feel weird being in a room packed full of sweaty people who honestly do not want to be there! and I get so bored staring at the same white walls while running on a stationary machine. Because of this, I exercise at home! I do a simple yoga video every other day and, belief me, it makes a world of difference!

I have always had problems with my back, constant visits to the chiropractor is a norm for me. But since I started doing yoga it has made a world of difference. I roll out my yoga mat in my living room and pick a workout off of Hulu ( the one in the picture is Yasmin Yoga), and I just do it I can pause it if I have to do something its perfect for me!

There are so many free exercise videos on youtube or on demand; you can pick what you want! From yoga to pilates, from boxing to weightlifting there’s no excuse why everyone can;t exercise!

I hope you all choose to keep your bodies healthy and happy.