Makeup Monday- Tutorial

Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday. As you may have noticed we are in the middle of some big changes here at

Mondays will now be all about makeup! Check out Kelsey’s great makeup look for our first makeup Monday!


Be your #TrueSelfie

Hello Everyone,

Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to talk to you all about natural beauty and confidence.

It’s true that I am a girls girl and I love makeup and clothes and pretty shoes! But at the same time I am comfortable enough with myself that I can feel just as beautiful in sweat pants a bun and no makeup!

To me natural beauty is even more beautiful then a smokey eye. So next time your running late don’t panic, just rock your natural beauty!

There is a new hashtag going around the Web it started from proactive its called #TrueSelfie it is when people post pictures of them selves with out makeup just rocking there natural beauty!

Celebrities have participated as well as thousands of regular woman who are ready to show off there trueselfies. I hope you all learn to love your natural beauty! You are all so beautiful!

Love you all,




Hello everyone,

Its seems to me that the Kardashians are at it again, or should I say Jenner’s! The newest trend they have started is known as the #KylieJennerLipChallenge. I guess many girls want to have full lips like Kylie and have been trying to get these lips by sticking their lips in shot glasses and water bottles so the suction creates this full lip look. Well, let me warn you all not to do this because it most definitely won’t work! And it will actually make you look rather frightening when you have horrible bruises around your lips. Not quite the sexy look you were going for.

The new hashtag #KylieJennerLipChallenge is trending on many social media sites and the results are very different then the lips that people hope to achieve. Many of these girls develop round bruises around their lips and others have achieved huge lips that do not look pouty or sexy but rather terrifying and ridiculous. I urge you all not to fall victim of this trend, not only is it dangerous but its not needed!

Why do you feel like you need big lips or to look like Kylie Jenner? Sure, she is pretty but so are you. You may not have big pouty lips, but I can promise you that your lips are just as beautiful. Every person has different features that make up their face, they are not like anyone else’s (unless you are a twin) because it’s your face, not someone else’s!  Be proud of who you are and what you look like because when your proud other people can see your confidence and it is the most attractive quality a woman can have! If you have confidence in yourself then you will not need big lips to feel beautiful or sexy. More girls need to learn about the natural beauty that’s inside all of them, and you need to embrace it! You should be proud of that and want to show it off!

Just in case these words were not enough for you all, and you want to try this challenge I will insert some pictures of the results, and I am sure this will make you think twice! Just a warning they may be disturbing to some people so don’t scroll down if you are not prepared lol

Love you all

Michelle ❤

The first picture is Kylie the rest are pictures from everyone else’s results to this challenge!




Mirror Checks

Okay, so its 9 Am you get up, shower, hair, makeup, clothing you’re ready for the day! You’re about to walk out the door, but you have to look in the mirror one last time. However, this time is different than the other times, this last look is filed with judgment, and anxiety. It’s like that scene in the princess diaries when Mia looks in the mirror and says “that’s as good as it’s going to get.”


This is something that every girl does. It seems to be hardwired in us to give ourselves that last hit on our self-confidence right before we walk out the door and enter the cruel world.

So why do girls think that their worth lies only in their image?

Have you ever thought about what makes you beautiful? It is your hair color, jean size, or length of your legs? Or is it you thoughts, emotions, and actions? If we can change the way we think of beauty our problems can be solved! I know that changing the world’s opinions isn’t something that I will be able to do but maybe I can change your opinion. Because to me one more happy and confident girl in the world is a miracle that should be celebrated.

Did you know that reports state that only 2% of teenage girls admit to thinking there beautiful! This statistic literally makes my stomach ache. I think the journey, to feeling beautiful, doesn’t start with makeup or curlers it starts with love for yourself and pride in your thoughts, accomplishments, and actions.

A woman named Lizzie Velasquez has been named the ugliest woman in the world, but I think she is the most beautiful! She suffers from a rare syndrome that prevents her from gaining weight making her appear different than others. She has been bullied and tormented by strangers, colleagues, and classmates. However, she took this as an opportunity to speak out about what beauty actually is and what makes her actually one of the most beautiful woman in the world!

I am going to post her video bellow I want you all to watch it! so that you can see what beauty really means because believe me this woman is beautiful and inspiring!!lizzie_velasquez

I personally think that after you listen to her talk you will no longer worry about your mirror check because you will know you are beautiful for the amazing things you do everyday!!


Okay ladys confession time! Im sure we all have gone to edit our photos in hope that we will look like the celebrities and get that perfect profile picture. But if you really think about it what are we really doing here? We are changing who we are. And lets face it we need to learn to look at all of our pictures and be proud this is who we are what we look at and we should be proud. 

Stop looking at the magazines and wishing you could look like that celeb because in reality they don’t look like that either. I have a challenge for all of you beautiful girls and guys! take a photo of your self unphotoshoped, retouched, or filtered. Look at it and focus on things you love about it maybe your eyes look brilliantly blue or beautifully brown. Maybe your hair has the perfect wave or maybe your smile reminds you of something that makes you happy. What ever it is find it, then post it! I know for some of you this may be a little intimidating but just try even post it in my comments I want all of you to feel beautiful like you truly are. And you know what I am doing it to but I’m gonna do it with you I will also take it a step further then what I am asking of you all, No make up D: haha so here is me everyone 

Remember your 

Love michelle XOXOXImage