Mirror Checks

Okay, so its 9 Am you get up, shower, hair, makeup, clothing you’re ready for the day! You’re about to walk out the door, but you have to look in the mirror one last time. However, this time is different than the other times, this last look is filed with judgment, and anxiety. It’s like that scene in the princess diaries when Mia looks in the mirror and says “that’s as good as it’s going to get.”


This is something that every girl does. It seems to be hardwired in us to give ourselves that last hit on our self-confidence right before we walk out the door and enter the cruel world.

So why do girls think that their worth lies only in their image?

Have you ever thought about what makes you beautiful? It is your hair color, jean size, or length of your legs? Or is it you thoughts, emotions, and actions? If we can change the way we think of beauty our problems can be solved! I know that changing the world’s opinions isn’t something that I will be able to do but maybe I can change your opinion. Because to me one more happy and confident girl in the world is a miracle that should be celebrated.

Did you know that reports state that only 2% of teenage girls admit to thinking there beautiful! This statistic literally makes my stomach ache. I think the journey, to feeling beautiful, doesn’t start with makeup or curlers it starts with love for yourself and pride in your thoughts, accomplishments, and actions.

A woman named Lizzie Velasquez has been named the ugliest woman in the world, but I think she is the most beautiful! She suffers from a rare syndrome that prevents her from gaining weight making her appear different than others. She has been bullied and tormented by strangers, colleagues, and classmates. However, she took this as an opportunity to speak out about what beauty actually is and what makes her actually one of the most beautiful woman in the world!

I am going to post her video bellow I want you all to watch it! so that you can see what beauty really means because believe me this woman is beautiful and inspiring!!lizzie_velasquez


I personally think that after you listen to her talk you will no longer worry about your mirror check because you will know you are beautiful for the amazing things you do everyday!!

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