I Love Being Crazy

Happy Tuesday everyone,

So if you live anywhere on Earth today I am sure you have heard the stereotype that woman are just crazy. Well, you know what for once I am not going to fight this accusation I am going to own it.

All throughout history woman have been accused of doing crazy things by men by other woman and y society as a whole. But in the end that crazy thing we did may end up saving life or changing the world. Honestly let’s all be crazy and let’s look at the facts!

Rosa Parks:

Crazy for: Sitting in a seat

Hero for: Creating one of the greatest civil rights protests of all time for sitting in that seat. American Hero I think so!


Dr Elizabeth Blackwell

Crazy for: wanting to do a man’s job

Hero for: Becoming the first female Dr. and saving and healing countless number of people


Mary Wollstonecraft

Crazy for: Her nonsense writing

Hero for: Being the “mother of feminism” writing her paper on how woman are not inferior to men because of our biology or anatomy but because woman need to be more educated Stating a movement for women’s education and gender equality


Marie Curie

Crazy for: Thinking she was smarter than a man

Hero for: Her work as a chemist and physicist going on to win not 1 but 2 Nobel Prize


Jane Goodall

Crazy for: The crazy gorilla lady

Hero For: Her amazing work in primatology and anthropology as well as an amazing animal activist and conservationist.


So basically the point I am trying to make is if these women are crazy I will gladly say that I am crazy too. These women make me proud to be a woman. And for all you girls out there never let someone tell you your crazy or your idea is crazy you may just be the next big hero!

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