The 20 Beautiful woman Challenge
Hello, all of you beautiful people!!

Today I wanted to write to you about a great thing I have seen going around lately, I am sure many of you have seen it too! It’s called The 20 Beautiful woman Challenge. It is on Instagram and is basically where people post a selfie of themselves and tag 20 other woman to do the same.

Now the purpose if this post is not just an excuse to post a selfie at least that’s not what it is attended for. It is actually supposed to promote self-esteem and make women feel beautiful. You need to post a selfie that you feel beautiful in. This post shouldn’t be about the amount of likes you receive or comments it is about you and what makes you feel beautiful.

I got nominated for this post by my boyfriends little sister, she is beautiful both inside and out. So now it’s my turn I am supposed to post a selfie and tag 20 of my lady friends which I will do on Instagram, however, I wanted to take this challenge one set further I will post a selfie that makes me feel beautiful at the bottom of this post and I am challenging everyone who reads this to the same. I don’t care if your male or female just post a picture that makes you feel beautiful and challenge your friends to do the same!

So here it is:


Now it’s your turn!!

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  1. Look, I hate that I have this opinion, but I have to get it out somewhere. I’m sorry if this somehow offends someone. But this tag seems to be becoming a competition. Like “see how many times a person can get tagged!” Personally, when I see 20 people per post and none of them are me, I start to feel really bad about myself. I hate it. Why are we putting a number on the number of beautiful women out there? Why can’t all girls be beautiful and not just 20? Why are we making other girls decide who is beautiful or not? That isn’t fair because sometimes what you don’t do and who you don’t include hurts more than the tagging of other people helps.

    • Firstly you should never apologize for your opinion because you are totally right! I believe that social media can be a very negative thing for people today, especially when it comes to their self-esteem. I personally believe that this tag started off with great intentions it was to make more and more woman feel beautiful even if it was only for a few seconds. However, social media has a way of making things turn into popularity contests! Like I mentioned in my post this is not supposed to be about the likes your receive, and you are right it shouldn’t be about the amount of times you are nominated either. I like how you mentioned there shouldn’t be a 20 person limit I couldn’t agree more this is why I nominated everyone who reads my post! My readers are very important to me, the whole purpose of my blog it to promote the self-esteem and help people love and except themselves. I think it is hard to do things like tags over social media that are going to be 100% beneficial to everyone because there are people who use tools like facebook and Instagram as a way to show off themselves. I totally understand that posts like this could hurt someone who is not nominated more then it could help someone who is nominated. I took this post as an opportunity to nominate all of my readers and make them all feel beautiful in this little way.

      • Thank you for sharing your opinion! I know there are a lot of people who feel this way I think it really is the downside to social media!

    • I understand what you mean, and your point is absolutely valid – don’t apologise for your thoughts! Although I was recently tagged, I personally have some qualms over the whole thing, which is why I’m choosing not to continue the unnecessary chain. While I think the premise itself means well (I mean, who doesn’t want to be beautiful?), I don’t believe that we need a tag to remind either ourselves or others that we’re/they’re beautiful. Beauty is such a subjective thing, and you’re right: even if we have our own views regarding beauty, we can’t just pinpoint it to a certain quantity. Point being: using social media this way isn’t really helpful for other people’s self esteem, especially when it slowly takes on the form of a popularity contest. With that said, I commend Michelle for taking the challenge a different way from mine.

      • I totally understand where you are coming from. However, I am an extreme optimist, I guess some people could argue this is my fatal flaw, however I choose to see the good in most things including this tag. Sure it has its flaws like everything really does but I see choosing to continue this tag as a way of connecting more and more girls to feeling beautiful. You may say this does not help someone’s self-esteem but in my experience with my readers and the countless amount of feed back from Instagram and emails I have received on this post it has made a difference to them. I can definitely see your viewpoint and I admire you for not giving into a social media fad, however I choose to continue this post to help other girls feel beautiful. I view continuing to partake in this tag is just saying to other girls that you think they are beautiful and should be aware of their beauty. If I had choose to not continue the tag then there would be more girls out their that felt neglected and unbeautiful because they were not nominated. Since many people write to me saying that not being nominated is a hurtful feeling I felt that if I had not nominated my readers and my friends it would send this negative message and I do not feel like I should do this to my readers and friends. I want every girl to feel as beautiful as they really are, this is the purpose of this blog and I also believe that is the reason for this tag!

      • I definitely see where you’re coming from with your post, and I’m not necessarily “imposing my opinion” anywhere. Regardless, I should still express my admiration that you’ve decided to take the tag to the next level by involving everybody, which is definitely a thoughtful gesture, so kudos 🙂

      • Thank you very much! Like I said I can clearly see your opinion on this tag and I admire you for speaking your mind and sharing your opinion because you aren’t wrong! I think it’s one of those things that can be viewed in many different ways by different people! Thank you for thoughts, I enjoy hearing the opinions of beautiful and strong girls!!!! 🙂

  2. I’m glad I found this site. Normally I don’t feel good about myself and think I am ugly and have been told multiple times a day that I’m ugly but now I don’t care because I am beautiful

    • Hi Kiera,
      I am so glad to hear that this blog has helped you feel beautiful because you are! People who tell others that they are ugly are typically people who are jealous or intimidated by your beauty inside and out! You should never believe cruel words like this because the truth is they are wrong. Some of the people our culture idolizes for beauty have been told the very same thing and they have used those harsh words to motivate them to be better then the bullies who say these things! I hope you always remember you are beautiful and keep this strong attitude it just proves how beautiful you really are!

      • Sounds a bit sarcastic to me, didn’t you get a whiff of it? Like how could a website magically make someone feel beautiful who gets told they are ugly multiple times a day. Come on.

        That’s the problem with this crap, women with low self-esteem need more than social media fads to lift them up. Our environment (the media, other people, own our thoughts) constantly undermines women’s self-esteem and all of this stuff is just a band-aid for bruised egos. Just like a temporary cure for symptoms and not the disease.

      • It is true that people need more then a fad to lift them up and that there is a lot of things in the every day life that hurts a woman’s self-esteem! You can say that my blog isn’t going to make people feel better because you are entitled to your own opinion. However with the amount of feedback that I have received from my readers I believe I am making a difference and this blog is worth it. Girls spend their days out in the cruel world filled with hurtful media and people just like you described, maybe hearing that they are beautiful and what is really important keeps them going. You seem like a person who sees how many problems there is in the world when it comes to a woman’s confidence and self-esteem, I see the same things. This is why I do this! I do not claim to have a cure to low self esteem or the problems that are in the world, but I am doing my best to help the people I can reach.
        Also I think you would be shocked by how many people are told that they are ugly everyday. I have come in contact with many beautiful girls who are told this by their peers, friends, significant others, and even their own parents. People fall victim to verbal abuse everyday and this is a problem that needs to be addressed. I may not be able to solve this problem but if I am able to stop even one girl from believing these negative things I believe that what I am doing here is worth it. Thank you for writing in I really appreciate everyone’s thoughts and opinions!

      • Hi Rachel,
        I don’t think you realize how much good these words can do for a girl who is really struggling in her everyday life. To me this blog lets me escape a lot of things in my life and feel pretty. Her words don’t do any harm anyone but they do a lot of good!

      • I don’t understand why people have to be negative on here! The whole point of this blog is to promote positive actions and feelings! This blogger is talented, most people would not be able to reach the amount of people that she does. From personal experience this blog has made a huge impact on my community. I can see it with my daughters and their friends!

      • Thank you so much for this comment! Hearing these kind kind words almost brought tears to my eyes! Knowing that I am able to help your daughters and their friends makes all of this worth it! Thank you!

    • Hi thank you for this comment!! I think that’s exactly right! and I think that’s the reason this tag was made, to promote self-love and to make everyone feel beautiful because everyone really is beautiful! 🙂

  3. k so this 20 beautiful girls thing kind of has me annoyed bc a friend was talking to me today about how she hasn’t been tagged and how it means she isn’t beautiful… I know the purpose of this thing is to like spread word that all girls are beautiful but it kind of backfired because of today. there’s always gonna be a mistake and some amazing girl isn’t going to get tagged by accident and then her day is ruined or worse. so whether you have or haven’t been tagged in this challenge, I want you to know that you are a beautiful person. male, female, big, small, tall, short, black, white, whoever you are, you are beautiful. And the only person who’s gonna say otherwise is yourself. I’m sure many of you have heard this before but the only person who decides who you are is yourself. and many of my friends don’t believe in theirselves, therefore they wear all this weird stuff in attempt to try and make themselves more attractive. I don’t want the world to be this way and it shouldn’t have to be. So do me a favor; tomorrow, give someone a compliment. tell them that they’re a beautiful person. Just something nice, please. It doesn’t have to be bae or bestie or boo, just anyone. Even that one kid you said hi to on the first day of school and then never talked to since. Please…. Like for real. It’d mean the world to them. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for writing in! What you say here is the point behind my blog! I have written a lot lately about how these tags are no where near perfect! This is the problem I see with social media (and this is the reason I wrote the social media post a few days after this one) The reason I choose to do this post was to nominate all of my readers. I felt if I had ignored it there would have been a lot more girls who felt the same as your friends. I really don’t want anyone to feel this way!! I hope all of my readers choose to do as you said to do!! I will also write a post so everyone is informed of your great advice! Thank you ☺

    • Hi Gigi!
      I am glad you have enjoyed the challenge! However, I did not start this. I just wrote a blog post and nominated all my readers. I think the challenge has done good things for a lot of girls so I wanted to make sure that all my readers knew about it and felt included!

  4. Great post! I was nominated recently &wanted to know wht the challenge is about because I don’t participate in anything without knowing what the purpose is. Thanks for the info.

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