These are a few of my favorite things

Hello, again everyone!

I was just sitting here listening to my spotify and doing homework when the Sound of music’s “My Favorite Things” popped on. I got to think about how good of a message this song really does portray. I guess you could say I got inspired…again!

I think it’s a good message for everyone to not only understand, but to live by, basically it’s all about knowing your happy place. Ignoring all the bad and finding the good! I think that if more people were to do this life would just flow better for everyone. We would be surrounded by so many happier people.

Happiness is very important to me as well as all of you, I assume. If we take this song as direction on how to stay happy then I think our lives will get a little brighter and you face will see a few more smiles each and every day.

So next time you are in a bad situation think of your favorite things and watch as that bad situation starts to get better.

Here are a few of my favorite things!!


Baby Milania and Battle for Honor: Gates

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