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I am sure that you have all seen the very inspiring commercial that aired during the Super bowl. If you haven’t seen it, it is an Always commercial for pads and tampons. Through this commercial they are spreading the message of their new #LikeAGirl campaign. It involves asking people to throw like a girl or run like a girl. When they acted this out they acted like they couldn’t run or throw. Later they are asked if what they had portrayed was offensive to girls. Now, jump to a bunch of very young girls asked to do the same where they actually did the activity as they typically would.

This commercial has been in the news a lot lately gaining both praise and criticism. Some people say that this commercial is a step forward for gender equality and a great message to young girls. others say that it does the exact opposite. As an optimistic feminist, as I like to put it, I believe that this is a good commercial to air. I’m sure that they could have done a few things better than they did, but it sure as hell sends a better message than the overly sexist go daddy commercials or beer commercial that we are so used to seeing while watching football.

The idea of “like a girl” is typically viewed as an insult in today’s athlete. I am no were close to being an athlete but I can certainly throw better than the typical throw like a girl is portrayed. I don’t think this commercial is going to end this expression if anything it may have even made it into more of a joke. But the message that is applied in this commercial is a good one that we should be portraying to our daughter, nieces, friends, and sisters.

I am going to post the commercial below, just click on the “running” girl bellow. Also, let  me know what you think of the commercial. Is it a good message to girls? run1-2

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  1. I had seen this commercial while watching the game with my family! I think it sends a great message, my daughter and I love your blog you are set as both of our homepage. Keep blogging you are making a huge difference!

    • Wow thank you soo much!!! When I receive messages like this from people who read my blog it really does keep me going! Thank you for being such dedicated readers!! <3

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