Okay ladys confession time! Im sure we all have gone to edit our photos in hope that we will look like the celebrities and get that perfect profile picture. But if you really think about it what are we really doing here? We are changing who we are. And lets face it we need to learn to look at all of our pictures and be proud this is who we are what we look at and we should be proud. 

Stop looking at the magazines and wishing you could look like that celeb because in reality they don’t look like that either. I have a challenge for all of you beautiful girls and guys! take a photo of your self unphotoshoped, retouched, or filtered. Look at it and focus on things you love about it maybe your eyes look brilliantly blue or beautifully brown. Maybe your hair has the perfect wave or maybe your smile reminds you of something that makes you happy. What ever it is find it, then post it! I know for some of you this may be a little intimidating but just try even post it in my comments I want all of you to feel beautiful like you truly are. And you know what I am doing it to but I’m gonna do it with you I will also take it a step further then what I am asking of you all, No make up D: haha so here is me everyone 

Remember your 

Love michelle XOXOXImage

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  1. I wish I could love this post instead of just “like” it. This post is something that a lot of us lose sight of…our natural beauty. Everyone has natural beauty but we all choose to hide it behind makeup and photoshop just so we can be like everyone else, you know fit in. I’m actually planning on posting a breakfast post which includes a picture of me without makeup 🙂

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