Breast Cancer awareness

Hello again everybody!

I wanted to write to you today about an issue that is very important to me, and that is breast cancer. This is a horrible cancer that is killing many woman. When you think more deeply into this we know that it is not just taking away lives but also taking away mothers, daughters, sister, cousins, and best friends. We must find a cure! October is breast cancer awareness month and there are so many ways to help! Many stores are selling pink items with the profits going to finding a cure. I am not telling you all to go out and spend a lot of money but spread the word because it is very important.

MY grandma is a breast cancer survivor and went through a lot to be here with us today. She is a fighter and I am so proud to call her my nana!

I have bought a few items this mouth to help but I am also trying to spread the word. For the rest of this month I will be wearing pink to show my support!



Imagethis is nana <33


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