Be your #TrueSelfie

Hello Everyone,

Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to talk to you all about natural beauty and confidence.

It’s true that I am a girls girl and I love makeup and clothes and pretty shoes! But at the same time I am comfortable enough with myself that I can feel just as beautiful in sweat pants a bun and no makeup!

To me natural beauty is even more beautiful then a smokey eye. So next time your running late don’t panic, just rock your natural beauty!

There is a new hashtag going around the Web it started from proactive its called #TrueSelfie it is when people post pictures of them selves with out makeup just rocking there natural beauty!

Celebrities have participated as well as thousands of regular woman who are ready to show off there trueselfies. I hope you all learn to love your natural beauty! You are all so beautiful!

Love you all,



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