Im On Tumblr!

Hello all my favorite people! Here is some new and exciting news... I now have a Tumblr! My boyfriend's little sister, Heather has set one up for me so that all of you who do not have a WordPress can follow me on Tumblr. This will just be another option for you all, making my [...]

The 20 Beautiful woman Challenge Hello, all of you beautiful people!! Today I wanted to write to you about a great thing I have seen going around lately, I am sure many of you have seen it too! It's called The 20 Beautiful woman Challenge. It is on Instagram and is basically where people post a selfie of themselves [...]

Humans of New York

Today I want to give credit to another blog that I just discovered. Its called humans of New York and it is amazing and heart warming! Who ever the blogger is, has a beautiful mind and soul. It focuses around pictures that she took of people in New York she writes things that they say [...]