To Infinity and Beyond

Hello Everyone!
Yesterday when all the traveling was done and I finally arrived to the happiest place on Earth, Tyler and I ventured to Magic Kingdom “The Most Magical of all the Parks”!
 When we walked in, the parade was just beginning. It seemed to be a welcome to us as our favorite Disney characters waved and danced along with great upbeat music!
We made our way through the masses of people and arrived outside of Buzz Lightyear. This is a ride where you sit in a space ship and shoot a lazer gun at aliens trying to beat the person aside of you in the car! I take these challenges very seriously! Unfortunately, so does Tyler since he beat me!
After this we met Buzz on our way out and had a photo taken with him, after all he is BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!
We then explored more of Tomorrowland making it on to the People Mover, one of my all time favorite rides thats only purpose is to move people! I feel like its an honest ride no surprises or twists you get exactly what you expect. It is very moving LOL (puns).
We got to see the Monsters Inc Laugh floor, which always supplies good clean jokes that have everyone cracking up. For example :
    “What Kind of car do Disney characters drive? …… A Minnie Van” LOL
They never get old!
We got a small lunch since we would be having a very large dinner! Followed by walking around and exploring the new areas of the park! Like Ariel’s castle, The Beasts Castle, Rapunzel Tower! Oh So fun!
We ended the night with ‘Ohana. Yes, it means family but it is also one of the best restaurants Disney has to offer! It is at the Polynesian Resort and it’s an all you can eat family style masterpiece! Everything is fantastic, I had no complaints!
We had also picked the perfect time to eat at ‘Ohana because we had the most beautiful view of the Magic Kingdom Wishes Firework Show! The restaurant dims their lights and you get to hear the narration from Jimminy Cricket over the loud speaker!
Our first day truly was incredible! I’m looking forward to all the magic of tomorrow! Follow my Instagram and Facebook for updates in between posts!
Love you all,

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