Today I BackPacked Around The World

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday was by far one of the most magical days I have ever experienced!
We spent the day backpacking across the entire world! We saw Canada, Japan, France, Germany, China, Morocco, Norway, Mexico, Africa, you name it! We saw everything the world had to offer, the World Showcase that is!
Tyler and I spent our entire day in Epcot! We road the rides, ate the food, smiled for the pictures, and shopped the shops, and traveled the world, right here in Florida!
I think it is a wonderful thing to learn about and celebrate the cultures of other areas in the world! Disney has done an amazing job bringing a true cultural feeling to its guests!
We met Minnie and Pluto, which was great because my dog Bella is a huge Pluto fan and always wanted an autograph! 
We ate dinner in Norway which was absolutely amazing! The food was a 10 out of 10 and I got to meet some of my favorite princesses! The little girl next to us turned 3 today and when the waiter brought the cake over everyone in the entire restaurant even the princesses sang her happy birthday! Disney truly is the happiest place on earth! Happy 3rd Birthday Alyssa!
After dinner we did a little after hours exploring around the countries and really enjoyed all the beauty of Epcot. We are here during the Flower and Garden Festival so we have had so much fun looking at all the beautiful flowers arranged into different Disney Characters!
Disney is the best place in the world to people watch because everyone is so happy! One of the best things about this place is watching a little kids face light up when they meet their favorite characters! I find it hard enough to contain my own excitement, never mind when I was a child!
I can’t wait for the excitement that tomorrow will bring! For more updates make sure to follow my Instagram (@inspiringthegirls) and Facebook (inspiringthegirls)
Love you all,


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  1. Oh my goodness, this post is so cute!! I love Disney too. It is just so magical! I live down here and try to go as much as possible. I would love to follow you on Instagram, what is your username? Mine is @/annabellekiefer if you find me first. 🙂

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