Where Dreams Come True! 

Hello Everyone!
Happy Monday! Today is finally the day, we are on our way to Disney World!!!!!!
We have made it through check-in, security, and now its all the fun of flying, landing, staying in NC for a layover then flying, and landing again!
I am so excited to get to Orlando that I feel like it’s been the longest day ever! I have my carry-on stuffed full with all kinds of goodies I mentioned in last weeks post!
I have eaten my way through Starbucks, Five guys, and Dunkin Donuts! And I am so ready for some fun!
On the plane we are watching WALL-E to help us get into the Disney mood. The moment we land I know I will be able to feel the magic!
When we land we will be taking the Magical Express to start the magic early! Then we will check into our hotel and head over to the park! Our dinning reservations are at the hotel tonight so we can pick any park! It will all depend on what we are feeling, and probably the length of the bus lines!
Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates during the day on our activities! As well as, checking my blog each day for a post about all the magic we have been experiencing! I am so excited to be given this opportunity to spend the week here and share all my experiences with all of you!
Love you all,
Michelle <3

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