Defining you

Have you ever urban dictionary’d your name? Most likely it comes up with a mess of adjectives do scribing someone else with your same name. If I look up Michelle I get

A kind of girl superior to the rest; the smartest, most beautiful girls in the world are named Michelle, they all have amazing singing voices, and are the best at speaking French, and are excellent at Biology. Sometimes they might not think they are special, but it’s a temporary mental disorder; all girls named Michelle are special, and are in fact destined for greatness

ohh how I wish this was all true. I would love to speak French and have a singing voice like angels but nope, not so much. However I am good at biology and there are times I feel unspecial. I want everyone to do this look up their name and fin a definition you like then ignore it, make your own definition because you should be the only one who defines yourself!

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