Liebster Award!!

ImageHello everybody So I have just received some very good news from: http://savannahr96.wordpress.comShe has nominated me for the Liebster Award! This is a great honor and I would just like to thank you again for this amazing nomination!
There are a few rules coming along with this award:
The rules for being nominated are:

1.Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200
4. Ask 11 questions of your own

Questions for me:
1.If you could live in one city for your whole life, what city would it be?
For me this is a no brainer Omaha Nebraska!! I do not live there nor have I ever but I have always wanted to, an odd dream of mine!

2. When you were young, what was your favorite thing to do on a winter day?
I love this question! When I was young on snow days my mom would always work from home and I would go into her office and watch movies all day!

3. What would you do if you found a bag of money on the side of the road?
I would 100% take it to the police station if I didn’t no who it belonged to! firstly because it would be terrible to loose that money and the person probably needs it and secondly because It could be connected to a crime or something dangerous, normally people dont have bags of money!

4. How would you respond if you met your favorite celebrity?
Oh my goodness if I met Jennifer Lawrence I would be extremely excited!! I would most likely tell her how much I enjoyed SIlver Linings Playbook because of her acting and would ask to take a picture with her!

5. Do you ever wish you had a superpower? If so, what?
I would love to be able to heal people from disease or illness I feel like being able to destroy things such as cancer would take a way a huge evil in this world!

6. What is your dream car?
Easy a bug convertible in white with a tan roof!

7. If you could try one new food, what would it be?
HMMM I am very picky so I have never actually tried lobster so I guess I would like to adventually they just look so sad in the grocery store 🙁

8. What is one thing you wish you had done differently in life if anything?
I would have tried to find myself and my confidence sooner so I could have made the most of my life sooner!

9.What movie character would you have loved to play?
I would have loved to play Tiffany from silver Linings PLay book I read the story for a psych class a little while ago and loved it! Then after seeing the movie I loved it even more!!!

10. If you had to give up either your electricity or hot water, which would it be and why?
I would choose electricity cold showers are terrible!
11. What is your favorite animal?
I love frogs IDK why!

MY questions:
1. What is your biggest fear?
2. What is your worst habit?
3. Favorite actress/actor?
4. Who is your role model?
5. Favorite place to be in the world?
6. Favorite cartoon character?
7. Celebrity crush?
8. Ideal Job?
9. Your favorite part of yourself?
10. Favorite book?
11. Dream Halloween costume?


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