Rules of Life

ImageHello my beautiful readers! I just wanted to write a quick blog but wasn’t sure what to write about. Today in my Anthropology class we were talking about the rules that people must live by… People were bringing up rules like don’t kill, don’t steal, pay taxes, ect but when the discussion came to be I said their were know rules in life! My teacher and everyone else looked at me like I had three heads but I do believe this! Their are soooo many different types of people and so many different societies sure there may be curtain rules in certain societies but do those rules have to be follower? NO! There may be some consequences, Yes, but these rules can be broken with out life coming to a complete end.

When I was thinking about this in term of my readers I wanted to find a way to get you to make your own rules in life. Whether that be your own morals, your own believes, a bucket list you must complete, or a set of things to try to do every day. When thinking of my own, well its basically all in this picture:

Curiosity: never take things or people for what they seem, there may be a hidden chapter to this book
Kindness: I believe 100% that it is just as easy to be kind to everyone then it is to be rude or neglectful a simple hello and smile to someone who is having a bad day can make that day better so why not, plus you could make a great new friend
Stamina: As a college student with a job and an abnormal amount of homework stamina is needed, this just doesn’t mean staying awake or completing a to do list but staying driven towards goals, and live in general
Willingness to look stupid: ding ding probably the best rule of them all it allows you to do all of the above! If you care little what you look like then there is nothing you cant do if you feel like singing sing, be you!!!

So you all should make your own list of rules for your own life!! if you would like you can temporally borrow this one to get you started but remember this is your life so take the wheel


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