Stress Overload


Hello every body I apologize for me not blogging yesterday but I was having one of those overly stressful days! I had a huge test today that I felt completely unprepared for and spent my entire day studying and reading and studying!! So today I thought Id talk about stress!! 

Everyone has times when stress seems to be winning the battle but its important to stay calm during these situations. Remember that you can do what ever you set your mind too and that soon the thing causing you stress will be over. In my case all the stress paid of since I think I did fairly well on my test. But I know if I hadnt let the stress get to me I probably could have spent more time relaxing rather then studying. I hope all of you can learn to take deep breaths and realize things are never as bad as they seem!! 


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  1. Sometimes it’s so hard to relax! And I find it easier to distract myself from the stress instead, by reading a book, walking along the beach or watching a little bit of mindless t.v 🙂 Hope your results are great.

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